"The Double C"! (Cles Club!)

  1. which ones do u have? :nuts:

    i have the damier cles..pics will be posted soon!
  2. here's mines...


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  3. Just the monogram for me..
  4. I have the white mono cles:graucho: :heart:it!!
  5. Monogram Vernis pochette clefs in Marshmallow:
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  6. show pics!!!

    here's mine! :jammin:
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  7. I have the cerises cles....I swear I'll post pics soon lol
  8. I've posted mine before in a couple other threads but here they are again :smile:
  9. :yahoo:

  10. I was thinking of starting a "Cles Club" thread, but I guess you beat me to it.
    I only have the mono cles. I love it. :heart:
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  11. I've always loved all of you cute little accessories...:heart:
  12. Beautiful accessories ladies, sigh, unfortunately don't have any:crybaby:
  13. Aww thanks, Khoi and Rensky!! :tender:
  14. haha
    the double C club doesn't sound 'that' bad..does it?
  15. Lol..no..coulda been worse. Like the "double d" club. :lol:
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