'The dont bother me' look from the SA

  1. in my local burberry boutique the sas are not meant to be sas.. if you ask them for something they just look at you as if they own burberry and dont even have eye contact.. the other day i went browsing in their boutqiue to see their sale offer.. and whenever i asked for something in another color or how much they have in stock from it..the SA was organizing something on the shelf with her back to me and would answer me as blant as she can..so the next day i was back on the cashier waiting my que to pay and as soon the SA saw me actually holding something and that im paying she gave me the biggest smile and was being friendly...

    so this is how its supposed to be? attitude when ur just window shopping and throwing smiles and chit chatting when buying something? :confused1:

    anyone recieved bad service like that!?
  2. I remember being treated like that at a LV store; the sa looked totally bored by my presence and did not really feel inclined to serve me, although I was an easy customer, I wanted to see only one bag instead of a dozen.... When I told her that I wanted to buy the Ellipse bag her attitude towards me all of a sudden changed...
  3. Money talks Regina.. thats what i've noticed!! I wanna ask you about something btw ... i noticed you want to purchase a mini manor ... how small is it? and im curious whenever i see tiny pouch bags ... im like 'gosh thats the size of my make up bag'... like what would you use it for?

    Rita :smile:
  4. The MiniManor is still rather big, it's a grown up purse...it's just called Mini because the "regular" Manor is even bigger... I have the big one and it measures about 38 cm (length) x 25 cm (height) , I think that's about 15 inches x 10 inches and it weighs 1.5 kg that's about 3lbs. That is quite a big bag. Take a look at the thread "Celebrities and their Burberry", there you can see the big Manor in action.
    The Mini Manor has the size of a regular purse. In the eBay auctions the measurements are 12 x 10 inches...
    Regina :smile:
  5. I go to Holt Renfrew during my breaks/holidays from school and I've noticed that people are pretty snobbish there too -- especially because I look like a young student. However, if I go with my mom, it's a totally different story or if I'm buying something, their attitude completely changes too. Sighs! Sad times! :sad:
  6. I know this is so annoying! I am 27 years, but I look a lot younger mainly because of my height (5'4). There are some SAs at this local boutique that treat me like a shoplifter (mind you, I dress conservatively and very business like). They scan me from top to bottom and then if I try something on, they might even rush into to fitting room if I don't show them beforehand what I am taking with me to the fitting room! And I am a regular at the store (for some reason the owner just does not recognize me). And when I am buying something (like a 250 euro cashmere sweater), then they suddenly have the nicest smiles on their faces and are nice to the point of total annoyment. ARGh! I have left some stores because the SAs have been rude/ignorant. It's their loss. There are other stores that value me as a loyal customer, and these are the ones I enjoy going to and spend my money in (naturally).
  7. i have never mad this problem with burberry. i always feel like it happens to me in gucci and louis vuitton. i think that the sales help in burberry are very nice usually. whenever i go in there with my manor bag or any other bag they always compliment me on it!
  8. Yes, I had this experience in Gucci. Snooty.

    As far as burberry, it's hit or miss for me. the SAME GIRL that I bought two pairs of pants from 2 months ago was very cold to me last time I went in. She'd also been nice to me in the past when I was buying my scarfs... weird.
  9. We all have our good and bad days... maybe she had trouble with her boss...
    Regina :smile:
  10. At least 2 of the SA's at the Burberry in Denver (Cherry Creek Mall) are fantastic!! The very first time I visited, I was not wearing or carrying ANY luxury items. The SA Theresa was very helpful even though I had informed her that I was only browsing. I've bought a few things from her since then, and I've since received thank you cards and phone calls informing me of new arrivals and sales.

    Money does talk and I'm sure it helped establish me into getting extra attention at first, but to me it seems my favorite SA goes above and beyond the call of duty. Is this standard for regular Burberry customers or am I just lucky? :lol:
  11. I guess it really depends. It's all by chance. You're really lucky so have such a nice SA. I've come across snobby ones as well as extremely nice ones. I went to a Coach store in Hong Kong and the SAs there were so incredibly nice. But in Toronto, I usually hang out in Holt Renfrew and I have had some great experiences with SAs who were extremely nice. But for the most part, a lot of them were quite ignorant and would deliberately walk away from your or turn their head away when you are approaching them to ask a question. Also, in a lot of these "luxury brand" stores, if you're not well dressed, it also proposes a problem (most of the time). So I would say you're really lucky :smile:.
  12. so ive got a perspective from two sides of the coin here..

    similar to some, i am a young student and therefore have been snubbed by many SA's in the past.. however it has yet to happen at burberry but it has happened at mainly coach, LV, cartier (they didnt even acknowledge my presence until I showed them a ring that neede servicing.. RUDE)..

    however, with all that said.. i have worked retail myself, as a SA in a department store, and though I didnt sell luxury brands they were all imported and were pretty pricey in comparison. i have to admit that sometimes id judge my customers on what they were wearing etc (don't shoot me i know) and would serve them in comparison to my judgements of whether they would buy and could actually afford the items. i know its so terrible and i shouldnt do it.. i mean i did greet them and acknowledge their presence at least. however.. with all that said. my feet just hurt in those heels and i wanted to go home. so i guess im guilty as charged :shame:
  13. I get bad service too.. it doesn't matter that I'm dressed well and polite, I just figure it is because I'm young and they don't think I'll spend a lot of money. I just go to another store or find another SA. Not all of them are horrible :smile:
  14. I get treated like this at Costa Mesa Burberry and Nordstroms in Riverside, CA. And the SA's look at me like if I was going to do a 5 finger discount or something. All I am doing is looking at which bag should I get next so I can save my allowance money. And the way I dress is casual. Jeans and American Eagle tshirt with some K Swiss is all I dress to go to the mall. Yeah I might not be all glamed up but what do you expect. I dont know why I get treated like this maybe cause I am a teen or the way I dress.
  15. I have never heard this expression before! :lol: