The Dolma Green is GONE on ebay!

  1. :crybaby: I was waiting for the end so I could bid but I just noticed that the listing ended early! I've been searching for a dolma green first or city for the lonnnnngest time and now it's gone! :hysteric: so frustrating...
  2. Aww... another one will pop up in the future just for you. Don't worry!!
  3. awe, i'm sorry aimky, that seems to be happening alot lately :crybaby:
  4. Oh, Aimky! I'm sorry! There will be another one. :flowers:
  5. oh no! Looks like she sold it before the auction ended to someone....hope it is loved...and you'll find one too aimky, i'm sure of it:smile:
  6. Thanks girls :flowers:

    I'm just so disappointed since I'm getting tired of looking on Ebay everyday. Oh well...whoever got it is a lucky girl. If anyone sees one, give me a heads up please! :yes:
  7. Oh, I *hate* when that happens!! aimky, you can try contacting the seller - sometimes if there haven't been any bids, they might close it early to save on fees - you never know...
  8. I hate that too! You spend days watching it closely, then, BAM, it's been pulled. It's just so disheartening. I agree with LP, give the seller a holler.. could be she still has that bag.
  9. That's a bummer aimky, I agree with LP and would contact the seller to
    see if she actually sold it.
  10. yeah, that's a good idea, i've gotten a bag off e-bay that way before...the auction ended, but the buyer didn't pay up & i got the bag :yes:
  11. ^^^ yes that's happens in every category in ebay seems like......sometimes even when there are bids the seller pulls the auction the day before if it looks like it won't go high enough ( that's happened on a few furniture auctions I was hoping to bid on) it's frustrating but aimky do try contacting the seller and let us know if you get lucky! Good luck!
  12. :shame: I bought the dolma for someone here. Not as a gift, but I knew how much she wanted it and wanted it to be available for her once everything settles down. :flowers: Hopefully, it all works out. It's my first purchase off ebay. Normally, unless it's a PF member, I wouldn't even bid.
  13. Aww, BL, you're such a true friend! What a beautiful person you are! Hope the person you bought it for gives you a great big kiss!:kiss:
  14. yes, that's very sweet indeed & i'm sure she'll love you for it :tender:
  15. That is soo sweet of you balanciagalove! What a great friend you are :yes: