The Doggies In My Town Are Better Dressed Than I Am!

  1. what's up with this phenomenon? is it just because i live in a lovely, although materialistic, somewhat snooty, somewhat "keeping up with the Jones" town? (omg i hope the Mayor of Boca's wife isnt a member of tPF) lol
    everywhere you go here i guess since about a year ago, dogs have outfits on. Also they are in dog carriages, peeking out and surveying the world. In the mall you collide with the dog buggies, and alot of the time, the dog's outfit is cuter than anything i had as a little girl. Today i saw a 3 lb. chihuahua with a tiny pink and silver dress on. There is a doggie clothing/accessory kiosk in the middle of our main mall, selling designer purses for dogs (PAWDRA instead of Prada; DOGIOR instead of Dior, etc.,) The outfits are little T-shirts with sayings like "I make yellow snow", "What happens in the park stays in the park, "Americanine Idol", and for a female dog with a male human daddy, a little shirt that says "At least one of us has b_ _ _ s" :roflmfao: also party dresses, Madonna-like outfits, biker clothes, clothes representing professions (doctor), tuxedos...

    The other day I saw a dog with little slippers on...................
    I did send my friend Penny a stuffed toy for her Roxy, shaped like a Chanel perfume bottle saying "Chewnel No. 5).....
    and this weekend in Palm Beach, there is a contest for dogs "America's Top Model Dog"

    does anyone else have this doggie thing in their city!? :cutesy: :lol:
  2. Yes...I am one who is guilty of this!! See my princess has a wardrobe bigger than mine. Here she is in her winter couture :shame:. I have no kids so she's my addition to my purses of course!
  3. ^LOL same here!!

    Except during the summer...AZ is too hot to let my pups wear clothes :smile:
  4. I've never noticed it in New Orleans and when I was in Tampa I didn't see too much of it either. I have a little dog but she doesn't really like to dress up too much and I only put on a sweater if it's really cold and I think she needs it. She also doesn't behave well in public so we don't go on many outings.

    I did see two girls in the mall in Tampa though that had the cutest little chiahuahua. It was all dressed in a pink coat on a cute leash and the girls were strutting around with the chi like Paris Hilton. Then I saw them coming out of Neiman Marcus getting into an old beat up Toyota Camry. Guess they spent all their $ on dog clothing.
  5. i am so guilty. my bogs have a LV dog carrier, burberry dog carrier, pet flys carriers and juicy couture dog carrier. further they every outfit Littly Lilly comes out with. Recently purchased a dress for $125 which has a gorgous hello kitty pink made out of crystals. so very cute, I can post pics if anyone wants to see. I think i have spent over $7,000 total my dogs wardrobe, including carry bags. I don't have kids yet, so I spoil my two chihuahua's. no beat up car for me, 07 acura TL and 07 escalade. love love to dress up my dogs.
  6. ^^ can you adopt me, LOL. I do buy some clothes for my chi's but not many. I love the GW Little website. I bought my girl dog a pink sweatshirt that says "Beware of bad ass" with a skull and crossbones, it is so cute!! I don't see to many dogs in clothes where I live. I wished there were, I think it is so cute and I always do a double take when I see cute dogs!!
  7. I would love to see the pictures
  8. Here is my baby


    Tell me what you think
  9. LOL OMG im in boca raton on vacation right now and I saw that HAHA its so true i saw the Americanine one in the town center mall...but i have a 4 lbs poodle but didnt het him any clothes lol!
  10. The doggies own San Francisco! My dogs have way too much fur to actually need pretty collars or sweaters, but if they could wear them, I have about fifty doggy boutiques (all up-doggy scale) from which I can choose to buy these items. That said, for as long as we have been dog owners (three years) we have been to more doggy birthday parties than children's parties. The last doggy party we went to was at our dog's day care (yes, ridiculous), and one dog's daddy rented out the day care facility on a saturday. The dogs had a gorgeous doggy cake made of carob(and I mean, it looked about as good as our wedding cake!), Birthday Treat bags full of dog toys and treats, and big dog toys that he had bought especially for the dogs to play with. He also brought breakfast for the people, including Mimosa.

    Yes, there are more dogs than children in SF, and people spoil their dogs rotten!

  11. LOVE Little Lilly dog clothes!!
  12. hi, I will take pics first thing tomorrow morning.
  13. LOVE LOVE the pics. the outfits are amazing, each shot is so cute and the backgrounds love love love.
  14. beljwl, your baby is so adorable!
  15. I NYC I one saw a dog wearing black leather combat boots. Cracked me up!