The Doctor & Louis Vuitton!

  1. I had to go to the doctors today to get a written statement saying that I have no communicable diseases, so I can attend school in October.

    Well, we were talking a little bit - and she noticed my Speedy and she says "I've got one too, except mine's a 35 instead of a 30. I'll be right back, I'll go get it!" haha, so she brought hers in to her office and showed it to me.

    We compared date codes and everything, lol.

    She also had a MC White PTI, that was TDF with a matching PMP! UGH!

    Never knew a trip to the doctors could be so fun, lol:yes:
  2. good news for you and you found something you have in common with you doctor, i guess you'll now be going for a check up with every little cold now lol! while you their you can compare you new LV goddies lol *cough* i think i need to see your doctor lol
  3. Lol
  4. LOL! That's so cool! Very chic doctor! I always get the really serious boring docs. I think that's fun that she went and brought out her bag and LV goodies to show you!:heart:
  5. Sounds like a cool doctor!
  6. HAHA! Yer doctor rocks!
  7. cool story!
  8. she rocks!
  9. your doc has great taste ..
  10. That's so cool!
  11. lol cute! i said to some woman who came to my checkout last night with a speedy 30 'oh ive got that bag isnt it brilliant' and she looked at me to say 'yer as if, look at you sitting on a checkout on a thursday night' i was like :O im in SCHOOL AND NEED EXTRA CASH FOR MY LOUIS VUITTONS
  12. How sweet!:lol:
  13. that's funny, I wish my doc was that cool
  14. lol, that's great! You know what my doctor carries? This super ugly crochet thing.
  15. That sounds soo cool!

    My doctor is a middle aged man...and my I doubt he'd ever carry an LV bag, let alone talk to me about them. My teacher told me that her gynecologist wears head to toe Chanel underneith her doctor's coat. Isn't that the coolest thing ever? ahhh to be a doctor....=D