The Dixie Chicks!

  1. I heard that their fans are abandoning them? What goin' on?

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  2. again!?

    They were abandoned by a LOT of fans a few years back for talking smack about Dubya while we were going to war - even by Democrats.

    I *think* they were overseas and it just looked REALLY bad on the US to have them there slamming the Pres.
    I haven't heard anything about them lately{?}
  3. There was a very interesting piece on them on 60 Minutes last week. About the promotion of their new album and the way in which country music radio has seemingly abandoned them. Apparently since their comments they were faced with death threats and all sorts of fallout. I'm not going to turn this into a political discussion but no matter what they said I don't think anyone deserves to get death threats. That's just taking it too far.

    They have a new album coming out though and they're trying for some crossover with more of a rock n'roll sound. Should be interesting.
  4. I agree. You don't have to like them and you can protest at their concerts, refuse to listen to their music, etc. but death threats are wrong.
  5. :yes::yes::flowers::flowers:
  6. ^ Agreed. That is terrible. How sick are some people to actually send someone death threats? :rant:

    I happen to like the Dixie Chicks and have some of their albums. xx
  7. I love them. I went to their concert in May 2003 right after all of that stuff happened. I plan to buy their album when it comes out tomorrow. Just because you speak your mind doesn't mean you should get death threats.
  8. i like their Cowgirl Rockstar edge!
  9. no, I don't think anyone here thnks these gals deserve death threats{?}
    And people SHOULD be able to speak their mind. . . but smart people should expect that there could be consequences to being publicly opinionated about things.

    If Tyra Banks says in public "Louis Vuitton fans SUCK!" then she should expect some people to disagree and stop supporting her.
  10. Apparently, the band wrote or co-wrote all of the songs on this album and collaborated with some great artists. (Sheryl Crow is the only one I can think of at the moment!)
  11. They are on the cover of Time this week, I've yet to read the article (it just came in my mailbox today) but I think getting the cover of Time is a really big deal.
  12. They had apologized for slamming the Pres. if you all remember. NOW they are taking back the apology! It'll be interesting to see what kind of record sales they'll have during the coming weeks when their new record is released?! Personally, I think it's going to be an uphill battle, they left a bad taste in alot of people's mouths.
  13. I remember they apologized. . . sort of! It was one of those, "I'm not sorry I spoke my mind, just sorry it made y'all mad and affected our sales" kind of apology.
    Celebs have to be ready for some fall-out when the put their opinion out there.
    If I were a celeb, I'd keep my mouth shut about the few things I already keep my mouth shut about - politics and religion!
  14. They were on Dave Letterman last night. They sounded so good singing NOT READY TO MAKE NICE title alone speaks for itself.
  15. Their new song Lullaby is fantastic! It was featured on the show Medium last night, and all through the show I was saying, "Oh wow, this song is really good! I really like this song! I wonder who it's by?"

    And at the very end the credits said, "Tonight's feature song is 'Lullaby' by the Dixie Chicks-in stores tomorrow." The lyrics are here

    It's very folk-ish and romantic sounding.