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  1. Hi everybody,
    Is there a problem with getting the display bag? I got my Monty GM and it was the display but I read here people are refusing to take the display and traveling 100s of miles to get another one so I would like to know if I made the wrong decision or what ? I am still in the first week so I can return or exchange if I need to. Please advise. Thanks.
  2. If there's nothing wrong with it and you love it, what's the problem? :smile: Enjoy it.
  3. Have you used the bag?

    Not sure why people take the display only to want to return it for another.. I mean if its going to be an issue wait for restock or have lv ship you one from another store.
  4. The only reason why I have refused to buy the display bag before was when they tried to sell me one with a defect - i.e. a big dent in the side of the vernis alma!! So I refused to purchase it and bought the last one that was in Sydney instead (also their display bag, but this one had no faults, no scratches and no dents)...

    So if your Monty doesn't have any fault in it, then there is no issue with purchasing the display bag.
  5. If it doesn't have any obvious defects or signs of use, which I am assuming it doesn't, or you wouldn't have bought it in the first place, then just keep it. I don't think there is anything wrong with getting the display item, especially if it's the last one...
  6. I've purchased display bags several times..and I've also had fresh bags come out of the drawer that you can tell were previously display bags. I even had an sa pull my astrid wallet out of the window! LOL
    I have no problem with it as long as they aren't damaged. :smile:

    I have only received two damaged items- when I bought my petit noe it had to be shipped from another store, and the vachetta base had a long scratch in it. And when I bought the Delightful MM, they didn't give me the display, and when I got home there was a tear in the canvas., I don't see anything wrong with display bags! :smile: If anything, they would pick the best bags to put out to display, right!? :smile:
  7. My Keepall was a display- and it was during the LV shortage last year before the major price was the last one in Florida. Soooo glad I got it. Its wonderful!! :smile:
  8. I've bought display pieces before, my only issue was with the leopard stole I bought, it had pulls already, but since there was no more of the colourway I took it anyway. It hasn't really effected my love for it.
    My other display piece was a blanc corail cles (bought yesterday), I did notice a tiny darker marking under the actual colour on the back but I didn't mind, no one is going to notice it and it was the last piece once again...
  9. If the bag is in great condition, I wouldn't worry about it. Enjoy it! I'd only be concerned if there was a major flaw.
  10. If you knew it was a display piece and you checked through it and it was perfect (nothing causing any concern), then "display piece" is just a term, no meaning.

    I am one of those you mentioned going hundred of miles to exchange a display piece. I was not aware that piece sold to me was a display/last piece or i would have checked through it and definitely refuse to buy that there and then. It was not so much about being "displayed", it was more on the condition of the actual item, whether you are happy to accept it as it is upon purchase.
  11. I don't think it is a problem unless there is visible patina and/or damages. I think fellow tPFer wanted to return a bag that was bought displayed and not end up being able to return (eventhough, within 14 days) because it had "patina." So it did not look "new." Which was funny because, the bag retained a patina because it was displayed for sometime.

    If you love it and is going to use it now, there is no issue.