The DISNEY version of Birkins...Come look inside!!!

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  1. I was in a department store in Japan and while I was walking around, I was attracted by the vibrant colors in this UFO catcher machine...when I took a closer look, it was obviously a croc-embossed Disney bag and most importantly, Hermes-inspired! I thought it was cute/funny so I'd like to share. Anyone want one? :lol:




    Is it a 25 or a 30? :boxing:
  2. please don't shoot me for saying's just my personal thought. i'm not normally a fan of inspired bags, but these are pretty cute (my fav is the purple one). love the mickey mouse.....and i think they'll be great for little girls who want to be like mommy.
  3. Those are hysterical! Why not! I would totally buy one for my niece!
  4. Nice idea for little girls but then they'd want to progress onto the "real deal" which could inflict serious damage on your bank balanace:wtf:
  5. These are really funny!! definitely great for little girls!
  6. Seriously, who would wear one of these bags? Which age group would be the target buyer?

    I would not be brave enough to wear it, because I am too old. My adult daughters are too sophiscated to wear one, because these bags do look plasticy. I wonder how teens would view them, age group 17-19, 13-16, and 8-12. Can't imagine any kids under 8 would want an "old lady's bag"!
  7. I previously worked with a woman who has an engagement ring comprised of 3 small stones - in the shape of Mickey's head. Larger centre stone, two "ear" stones.

    I'm not kidding.
  8. wow, and they're in "croc" too!
  9. I have to agree that they are actually very cute and as maria28 said it would be so sweet for a little girl to carry one with her mummy who has the real deal :cutesy:

    How much are they? My niece would love that
  10. I LOVE Disney!!! I think they are adorable - so many colors I love!! I would love to buy one for my great nieces!!
    They are ages 2-4 they love handbags and would love these!!
    Where can we purchase these?
  11. Do you think Hermes would approve of this? They are clearly "knocking off" the Birkin...
  12. ^^ I'd say they were treading very close to the line and might get a letter from Hermes asking them not to sell them
  13. For my daughter it has to be pink.
  14. piaffe- that is HILARIOUS. disney people are no joke.

    cute bags!
  15. I see these more of a spoof than anything that Hermes would really be worried about. There just isn't any possible way to confuse this bag with the real thing - especially with the mickey mouse clochette and just the overall look of the bag. As long as they aren't so similar that someone could possibly confuse this with a birkin, and they aren't using the Hermes trademark, I really don't think there is any harm in this.