The discontinued PURSE club :-)

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  1. thanks nicoleC, your purse is sooo yummy!!! thank you for the mod pic too, it looks really great on your shoulder, breaking in sooo beautifully. maybe i should try this style. :P
  2. thanks delmilano! you should definitely think about trying it, it fits over the shoulder perfectly, and i think its a pretty classic shape, so you can get good use out of it :smile:
  3. gaahhhh...beautiful Nicole!
  4. thanks m-s-m-d!! :biggrin:
  5. 06 Rouge Vif Purse!

  6. Leslie, your Rouge Vif Purse is beauuuutiful! :hugs:

    I can't wait to get my Ink Purse at the end of the month. In my siggy---yea, that's what I'm waiting for, now i let the cat out :P
  7. MSMD may I ask where did you find your Ink Purse???
    lol it's in my wishlist too hehehe
  8. yaay kiwi! we can be twins!! I found it at RDC, it's on layaway right now hence the long wait :girlsigh: I'll keep an eye for you!
  9. and here she is!!


  10. All of your Purses are beautiful!!

    They look so stylish in the mod pics - can anyone tell me if the Purse has a generous enough strap drop to fit over a winter coat?

  11. The leather on the purse style seems especially soft and chewy! Congrats everyone!!
  12. Stylish AND easy to carry! :tup:
    The handle drop is 7" and I carry over a coat.
  13. Thinking of joining you ladies...for a first bbag, do I go 2005 magenta or bordeaux purse?
  14. 2006 Black Purse:

  15. I did such a silly thing :blush: I sold my Ink Purse thinking ehh haven't used it for a while and someone I know wanted to buy a bbag - not particularly the Purse but when she saw it, liked and bought it. Few days later I was missing my Ink Purse so much and regretted letting it go.

    When it's meant to be, it's meant to be. A buyer at RDC must have changed their mind and RDC relisted an 06 Ink Purse!! so now she's back in my a better condition too this time :yahoo: