The discontinued PURSE club :-)

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  1. aki congrats on the beautiful calcaire! but WOAH is that seafoam purse stunning! And with that pewter hardware??? I've never even seen one before. What a rare combo!!
  2. Thank you Sunny07 :nuts:

    I was lucky to have acquired both..Seafoam is one of the bag I love dearly :tender:*me very vain :shame:
  3. wow marieG, thankyou so much for posting pictures of you wearing the purse, i had thoughts that the purse was going to be huge but you've made me think again:yahoo: i'd love a pale rose purse:love::girlsigh: i don't surpose you have one for sale do you? (hint,hint)
  4. Wow - lots of RV Purses - here's mine!

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  5. I just acquired a Grenat Purse in new condition and she is gorgeous. The leather is thick and sumptious with the perfect amount of even distressing. Very different leather than my black city which is from the same collection (F/W 06). I love them both but I am thinking The Purse may be more functional in terms of the longer strap drop and the easy zipper (no ears). The Purse seems like the perfect handbag - I can't understand why it was discontinued.

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  6. Thank you, Madaboutchloe!:yes: I am sure you'll love the Purse- it's a great bag!:tender:Don't forget to post pics when you get it!
  7. My '06 Truffle purse with a Rose Carpskin Pod


  8. So pretty KayMomto, I am a big fan of every single bag in your collections :girlsigh:Is the pod from the lady in Ireland?
    *Tailor trash* I think her name is? *enquiring mind wants to know :nuts:
  9. Wow thank you!! I think you have the most awesome Bags, so I take that as a HUGE compliment :love:

    Yes it is from the lovely "TailorTrash" (on evilbay). But she is also a member here (frippone I believe although I may have the spelling wrong). I have quite a few of her pods and they are so well made and cute and useful :tup:.
  10. This is probably a silly question but I have checked the thread above and the search function and couldn't find an answer. What do people use these pods for?
  11. Here is what I use mine for, in no particular order:

    Decoration/contrast to the bag
    Quarters for meters
    Lip balm/gloss
    To store plastic baggies to put dirty diapers in
    To store bandaids for the kids
  12. please welcome ms. eggplant 04 :love::love::love:

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  13. [​IMG]

    This one just about kills me :death:

    (chants: I don't even like the Purse, I don't even like the Purse....:Push:smile:
  14. ^^^^^ Oooo that eggplant is AMAZING!!

    Look at it all puddling in the last picture - yummy.