The discontinued PURSE club :-)

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  1. A while back BalNY had a few left in stock. I bought one from Anns Fabulous Finds and I'm pretty sure Real Deal Collection has one right now under the heading "discontinued styles". They are great! I have an '05 caramel and it's one of my fav bags. I'm always on the lookout for other colors to come up for sale in one of the consignment shops.

  2. Unfortunately it's the complete style which is discontinued, not only some colors :sad: ! I don't understand why - it's such a great style, the purse is so comfortable to wear and holds as much of stuff as the city :yes::confused1:
  3. Newest acquisition :smile:
    05 Calcaire
    Taken alongside the old and lovely 04 Seafoam :nuts:

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  4. YEEAHH :yahoo:fantastic purchases aki_.... :tup: CONGRATS on both 'rare', discontinued Purses :flowers: they both are STUNNING :drool: ! (I thought the one is a '06 Pale Rose ? I never saw a '05 calcaire yet).


  5. Thank you "I"
    Always a kind note from you :smooch:

    Acquired this from a very sweet 'mom to be' fellow TPFer :smile: recently..
    Yeah, I was so estatic to see this listed on fleabay cos as for me too, this is the first time I have ever seen Calcaire Purse :nuts:

    How have you been? :smile:
    Hardly see you these days on TPF..
    Hope you are well..:flowers:

  6. However - your Purses looks GREAT :drool::tup: !
    I'm fine, thank you for asking, but very busy lately ... no time enough to visit tPF more :sad:. Hope you're well too sweet aki_... ? :love:
  7. 06 Truffle Purse- one of my HGs!

  8. aki - So glad to see the Calcaire with her sister! They make a great couple!! :yahoo:
  9. Mmmm yummy truffle :drool: ! CONGRATS starletta - she looks great :tup:! Thank you so much for sharing :flowers:
  10. Thanks "I" :nuts:

    LOL :lol: It's probably good to not visit TPF so frequently to avoid the enablings :P
    I am well too :flowers: just taking things as it comes..
    Though I am actually going to Europe in May for a month so really excited :woohoo:

    You are in Zurich aren't you?
    Perhaps closer to the date, if you wouldn't mind, I can seek some guidance from you where to go :nuts:
  11. Dearest "K", thank you for the sweet words and thank YOU for passing this beautiful baby :smooch:

    Hoping you and the baby are going well! :nuts:

  12. Oh aki_..., you're visiting Zurich in May :nuts:? I'm not living there (just for shopping ;)), I live and work 1 hour away from Zurich ... but anyway it would be GREAT to hear from you then :yes: !!
  13. Thank you dear "I" :love:, I will be going to Italy, France, Germany and Spain for sure..At the moment still in serious effort to convince my beloved partner to go to Switzerland hence Zurich (From your lovely and gorgeous purchases :graucho: I really want to visit)
    However, he wants to go to England instead :sad:

    Will have to see and will update you if we end up deciding for Switzerland :nuts:

    Would love to perhaps meet up with you and beg you to bring all your beautiful bags so I can ogle and pet them :nuts:
  14. Aki, I adore your seafoam purse! She's gorgeous, as is her calcaire sister!
  15. Thank you Willowsmom :flowers:

    This is me :wtf::drool::drool::drool: everytime I look at your Pistachio and Lilac :girlsigh: