The discontinued PURSE club :-)

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  1. Here are pics of my Rouge Vif Purse to show its shape now that it's a bit broken in; I love the shape, it's sooo feminine! :idea:

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  2. WOW danae :nuts: thank you so much for posting your beautiful RV Purse :tup: she looks AMAZING and I really LOVE this RED :drool::heart:
  3. Thank you so much, Firstclass :heart:! I think it's my favourite red!
  4. Thanks for posting, Danae -- my rouge vif Purse should be arriving in a couple days! Your pics are getting me all excited!
  5. You will not be disappointed, Kristi! ;) The Purse is lovely in Rouge Vif!!
  6. Thanks so much, Danae and Firstclass!:tender::heart: You both have amazing taste and I LOVE you collections!!:love:
  7. I'm so excited I can join the purse club! I bought a lovely 2006 grey purse off abowron recently, and have just received it. I used it yesterday, and am totally in love with it! Here are some photos.

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  8. WOW :nuts: CONGRATS maedchen :flowers: the grey purse is GORGEOUS :yahoo:! Isn't she's comfortable to wear?Thank you so much for sharing - ENJOY it :tup::heart:

  9. Hi You!

    It looks really beautiful on you!! :tup: thank you for posting a pic. I miss that bag SO much! My sisters think i'm crazy selling it, the first time they saw it they were speechless and asked my permission to touch it, lol! I'm happy it went to a PF'er though. :girlsigh:
  10. Thanks firstclass and abowron! The bag IS really comfortable to wear! I think the Purse style is going to be my favorite one cause it's so easy to use, AND it looks fabulous!
  11. I thought I had already posted here....(guess not)

    it has been so long since I had a new Bbag and since I had to sell my First VIF :crybaby:my Black Purse is all I have left and I still LOVE:heart: LOVE her. So since I don't have anything new to post- I will post her here. Since I AM one of the PURSE owners after all!!!

  12. So sad that the Purse style is discontinued... it's got such a gorgeous shape!
  13. WOW ashley_..... :nuts: even this is your one and only bbag, it's the most beautiful, GORGEOUS, yummy black Purse I've ever seen :drool::yes:!! Thank you so much for sharing :tup:
  14. THANK YOU very much firstclass!
    ~ I bought it from pf member Susan Eric awhile ago- I LOVE it!!!!!
  15. Hi everyone! I'm really looking to buy a purse since im lookin for a shoulder type bag, I was wondering, is the purse a completely discontinued style, or is only certain colors discontinued? I would hate to have to search high and low for a purse!