The discontinued PURSE club :-)

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  1. Does anyone wanna share modeling pics of the Purse? Please? :smile: I just love this style.
  2. I have some and Firstclass has some fabulous looking ones, too, KristyDarling!:yes:

  3. WOW Marie :nuts: you looks so HOT wearing your rouge vif Purse :yahoo:! Great pictures - thank you so much for sharing :love:

    Kristy..... I've/had some Purses and I absolutely LOVE this style:

    the '06 rouge vif

    the '04 pumpkin

    the '04 seafoam

    the '04 eggplant

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  4. THANK YOU, THANK YOU MarieG and Firstclass1!!! These pictures clinched it for me. You both look so amazing wearing the Purse! And Irene, I really envy your delicious colors. And now I can be bag triplets with the two of you -- I just BIN'ed a stunning rouge vif Purse from bagalley49 on eBay!!! It's in mint condition and was decently priced. After owning a revolving door of 18+ Bal bags, I will FINALLY be joining the Purse club! :yahoo:

    (a shame that they've discontinued this elegant style.)

    Thanks again for your help!

  5. Awww Kristy... you're very welcome :shame::love: glad to can help !
    WOW ... CONGRATS on your GORGEOUS purchase :flowers::yahoo:, I'm so happy for you :heart:! I think you'll be very happy with this Purse (it's really too bad that this style is discontinued :sad:).
    Can't wait to see your modeling-pics ;)
  6. Thanks so much, dear Firstclass!:heart: Same to you!!:tender: As you know you've inspired me to get my first Purse and more!;)

    Thanks so much and **Congratulations**, KristyDarling!!:yahoo: I'm sure you will absolutely love her - it's such a great shape and color!!:tup:
  7. Welcome to the purse club, KD.

    I thought I had posted this one on this thread before but I guess I didn't.

  8. WOW Allison..... :nuts: the blue india Purse is gorgeous :drool: , just TDF! Thank you so much for sharing :flowers::love:
  9. MarieG and Firstclass you both look so amazing with your Purses!!!! Marie, I'm looking forward to your BI modelling pics!! :yahoo:
  10. Gorgeous BI First, Allisonfaye!!!
  11. Such a great style bag - good size, easy to carry. I'm a big fan of the Purse!


  12. WOW thank you abowron for posting this beauty :nuts::flowers::love:
  13. Aw shucks, thanks! :blush:

    I really love your collection, especially your eggplant!
  14. BI Purse:tender:
  15. WOW dear Marie :nuts: you finally got your BI Purse :yahoo:!! It's breathtaking, isn't it :drool: I still love it :heart: !
    Thank you so much for sharing .... ENJOY ;):yes: