The discontinued PURSE club :-)

  1. Wanted to start a thread showing the 'discontinued' PURSES :nuts: which I LOOOOVE so much :heart: !

    Here are:

    '04 pumpkin


    '04 seafoam


    '04 eggplant


    '05 caramel


    '06 pale rose

    121-2175_IMG.JPG 124-2422_IMG.JPG 115-1591_IMG.JPG 122-2211_IMG.JPG 121-2114_IMG.JPG
  2. FC,
    Your collection is beautiful! I fell in love with this style after seeing a few of you posting your collections. Would you say this is your fave bbag style?
  3. Great idea, Firstclass!:yahoo: I love all of your Purses- you're my BBag idol!:queen::heart:

    Here's my '06 Rouge Vif Purse

  4. cityshopper: YES, the purse is definitely my favorite style :yes:, thank you for the compliments !

    Dear Marie: WOW, your rouge vif purse is BREATHTAKING :nuts: I LOVE the vibrant red so much :drool::heart:! Thank you for posting your baby :flowers::love:
  5. Here are a few of mine that haven't been pictured already:

  6. And magenta

  7. Thot it was worth showing off my rouge vif since it looks a little different than MarieG's - (which is stunning!)

  8. WOW pursemania :nuts: I ADORE each one of your purses :drool: they are GORGEOUS !!! Thank you so much for posting :flowers::love:
  9. firstclass1: ^^^ your collection is "firstclass"! thank you for sweet comments and starting this thread!
  10. LOVE your Purses, Pursemania!!:love: Congrats!:yahoo:
  11. Here's my ink purse:
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  12. holy crap! that pumpkin is GORGEOUS!!!!!! what a beautiful color!!
  13. WOW citychris :nuts: LOVE your ink Purse :drool:, thank you so much for sharing :yahoo:just want to enlarge your pic...


    Thank you so much Juneplum for the very nice comment :flowers::love:
  14. Thanks firstclass. All of the purses on this thread are so gorgeous!
  15. Every one of these purses is beautiful. They should bring it back for another curtain call!!!