The Dirty first reveal (x12)

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  1. As someone else just mentioned on her reveal, she's posted pics, but never revealed. Me too!

    I hit the outlet today.

    Some stuff is little, some not so little.
    But, nothing "huge".
    All really really good deals.

    I present The dirty dozen:
  2. Wohoo! Lots of items. :drool:
  3. wooohhooooo! live reveal!!!
  4.! I'm so excited!!! I can't wait to see!!!
  5. Wahooo! Live reveal!
  6. It's reveal central tonight!
  7. yippie! A reveal in the flesh!
  8. Please strip one item at a time so we can enjoy in it's entirety!!! Woo hooo!!
  9. In the dustbag are these babies, items 1, 2 and 3!
    (the rest will be 1 at a time!)
  10. and go!!!!
  11. Off to a great start!
  12. :couch:
  13. Item 4
  14. Love those scarfs! How much were the first two at your outlet? I think mine were priced higher than they are supposed to be.
  15. Love the green!!!!