The DIOR you looking for..lets help each other to get them

  1. I am also after the Leopard Large Bowler Gambler version with the Brown Crocodile (where the red velvet is on the ones you see often), however it would have to be a reasonable deal...the bag retailed for $6500 roughly when it came out...I've only seen one for sale absolute favorite!

  2. have you seen a gambler on eBay a couple of days ago with a reasonable price? looked fake but was authenticated to know that it is real. that was a runway one with extra big dices than normal.
  3. take a look on this. surely the price is reasonable.
  4. The 2nd one you mentioned looked fake to me...

    The Runway model is far too beat up for my liking...and I like the normal version better than that one too.

    Thanks for the help!
  5. Thanks, I do have both of the black ones, but that Leopard one is nice...
  6. I realised I posted on the wrong thread! Sorry, I am new here. I would love to find a Jeanne, preferably in cream, in the UK. I just missed out on one on eBay. Thanks to Johnjohn for replying here! I like the aged goat skin one, might consider it!
  7. Just realised that one ships from the US so custom charges!!!! I had a look at it and it looks like a genuine Jeanne?
  8. yes it is genuine.
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  10. Desperately wanting a Lady Dior mini with gold hardware!
  11. here is one in ivory patent. you should ask for more pictures and get it authenticated here. retails for about $2,200 and selling for $775, not bad.