The Dior Gaucho!

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  1. So Dior called today and said my large double saddle gaucho arrived! So I went to South Coast Plaza to pick it up. At first I was somewhat disappointed... In all honesty, the ads in Elle/InStyle/Vogue are VERY misleading in regards to the color of the white bag. It is nowhere near as white as it is seen in magazines. It looks VERY *VERY* antiqued. Like dark chalk. Darker than the ivory paddy. I can't stress how worn it looks.

    So I tried on the double saddle, and I was even more disappointed. It just looked ... wrong. The way the front saddle sagged was so unflattering for my body type.

    But after my initial shock over the color wore off, I decided to try the medium. Perfect. Having the pocket in the front and the shorter strap makes a world of a difference. I don't know how shorter ppl will take to this bag since it's like a messenger, but I'm around 5'7" and it's fantastic with jeans! I'm very happy. :love:

    If you're interested, you should call the Dior boutique in South Coast. Just don't be as taken aback by the color as I was. Goodluck :smile:

    BTW, I'll post pictures as soon as I can find my digi cam. I'm not sure if I even packed it with me during winter break. Gah! :Push:
  2. OH NO! That's not a good report for me....thanks Riotstar, helpful!
    I paid for mine over the phone 2 days ago, I thought it would be really WHITE! I don't like my Blanc paddy white! Now that I have already been charged.....I will have to get something else if I don't love it! Thank-g-d the credit will be at Dior - no problems there. I am only 5'3", 5'5" with heels! AAAAAAARRRRGGGH!
  3. Is this the LARGE? this is what I am getting.

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  4. Congrats riotstar!! Enjoy your gaucho! Please post pics for us.

    Star..I don't know what to say:wacko: but I can feel for you. Just think that just means another beautiful bag out there is waiting for you to select.:biggrin: :lol: :nuts: .
  5. ooh i'd love to see pics!

    hey, i'm 5'7" too!!! :biggrin:
  6. Yeah it's the large. That is NOT the color. The shade of white is not even close... I wish the color wasn't so misleading.
  7. If I don't like it because I have a dirty white paddy, I will get the red gaucho or the nude dior detective. how bad can that be?hee,hee:lol: Think I may like the!

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  8. *SIGH**** I am so upset that the pics are so misleading! I already have the vintage white look, I really thought it looked like this?

    My pic wont post for some reason...sorry!:sad:
  9. I also got a call from Dior. The SA described to me about the double and the single. So, I guess the medium that you're talking about is single?
    I'll be paying later today, but before I do, I can still decide on the medium instead of the large; since, I'm around 5'4" too :blink:
    Please show the pic of your medium Gaucho bag when you have time, it'll really help :smile:
  10. Awww.. I like the dark red gaucho. How much is the medium size?
  11. If you paid for it, why would you only get a credit? That just seems wrong to me...especially if you haven't even gotten the bag yet, let alone try it on! :sad:
  12. I don't know yet, I will be in BALHARBOUR SHOPS next week(g-d help me). I remember almost all of the shops policy's like that, at least for prada. I am not worried...I really want more things from Dior....gaucho belt, for sure! I love Dior.
  13. Actually, the Dior boutique offered a full refund for my friend when she decided not to buy the gaucho. She went straight to Chanel and bought the reissue in black. (haha;;) OMG! Where is my camera. I stuffed some things into my gaucho and it looks better. It bends in the middle. The bag doesn't cave in or sag the way a paddington would, but protudes outward a bit. Does that make sense? Hmm..

    The middle is the single flap. Personally, the pocket in the front makes the overall look more complete. The double flap's pocket is in the back, and so the front looks like it's missing something.

    Applewin - It's nearly as wide as the spy. Even when I shortened the strap as far as it could go on the large gaucho, it still rested on my hip.
  14. It is harder than I thought to capture the color... and my place has dim lighting... I noticed that when I take pictures of the bag with flash, it comes out as white as seen in magazines.

    *edit* P.S. Irissy, without tax, it's $1,395. The double saddle is $600 more.

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  15. Riotstar, thank you!!! :nuts:
    Your pictures really helped! I think I will definitely take the single one instead! Thanks a bunch! I really appreciate it! It really saved me the hassle of return/reship, + waiting agony :biggrin:
    As for the color, I think I have an idea of what you mean, as I never expected it to be cream or true white in the first place because the pictures I've seen were from bright light runway combined with flash photography.