The dimension of Clutch Motaigne

  1. I saw RACH.RACH's modeling pics and FELL IN :heart:! I had the Speedy 25 as an ivoire must-buy this summer but now the clutch Montaigne has taken its place!

    It looks HUGE for a clutch...I thought it'd be more like a pochette sized. I'm quite excited about it as it's probably usable as an every day bag for me.

    My question is, what are the exact dimensions; does anybody know? I'm more concerned about the depth of the purse. If it's 3-4" deep, that'd be AWESOME!

    Dimensions, merci et s'il vous-plâit.
  2. 10.6 x 4.3 x 2.6 with silver hardware
  3. Thank you pinki! :love:
  4. Sounds nice and roomy! I think it's lovely - the curved edge on the flap is really pretty. I just wish it came with gold hardware, as an option maybe. It's on elux this morning in black!!
  5. Karman, its so nice!!!!!!!! And so pretty. I'm so in love with this now. I always wanted a white purse :shame: (send me the CAD price). Maybe its in the Canadian Prices thread. :love: I like clutch style purses, and this one is so pretty with the silver hardware. Thats what makes it so beautiful to me, is how it overall is so beautiful - I know how RachRach fell in love with it - its so pretty!
  6. Does this come in mono?
  7. Not now it doesn't. Just the lovely Epi.