The Dilly Yo on Inclusion

  1. Does anyone say Dilly Yo? Neither do I. :p

    What's the deal with Inclusion stuff?

    Are the Inclusion Speedy Charms still being sold in stores? Is the Pomme Inclusion stuff Waitlist only? Are any of the colors rarer than the others?

    I want something from the line, but don't know what to get...

  2. Yes the inclusion keychains are still sold in stores, in framboise, white and pomme d'amour.
    Depending on your store stock, you may have to waitlist for these items, but they're not waitlist ONLY.
    Colors rarer...ummm I don't think so, I mean the discontinued colours are kind of rare and sell for a lot, but the current colours aren't rare or anything.
  3. Thanks!

    I think I saw someone with a black one today... is that a discontinued color? I really liked it. Anyone have one?
  4. Oh, and is there a white one and a clear (see-thru) one?
  5. im wondering the same

    i want just a clear inclusion bangle but i didnt know if that was discontinued
  6. There's probably a super in-depth, super fab thread about inclusion somewhere on here but I can't find it. >.<

    Geez, I'm saying FAB so much lately.
  7. It took me forever to decide on which inclusion piece to buy, and I eventually ended up with the clear PM bangle because it's so versatile, fits me well, and goes with everything. I liked the ring but it was not comfortable and I had a feeling I wouldn't wear it much. I like the keychain too but I liked the red pastilles one better because it functions as an extender. That's my 2 cents.
  8. Ok..discontinued colors are:
    light pink, pale yellow, beige, black

    Current colors are:
    white/transparent, berry, pomme

    The Pomme stuff is kind of hard to find right now...and depending on the piece, the transparent/white is a bit harder to find.
  9. Rebecca, I almost just PM'd you instead of posting this thread because I knew you'd know. :love:
  10. Is there going 2b amarante inclusion?
  11. Yup, it's in the new accessories book. I already waitlisted for the Speedy keyring and I'm thinking I might get the ring also.
  12. So, um... how do you pronounce amarante? lol
    I was going to call and ask to be put on the WL, then I realized I didn't know how to say it. K, gonna go blush in the corner now.
  13. White and clear are part of the same arrangement...the barrettes, phone charm, keychain, hair cube comes in white and the bracelet PM and GM come in clear...
  14. with my French that I haven't used in years, I'd try to pronunce it as Ahm-ah-ront (rolling tongue at ront) silent E for sure. The "ah" at the beginning shouldn't sound like "ah" in "arranged" but hard to describe.