The dillard's SA showed me something very interesting today...

  1. I went the the REALLY nice lady at the coach counter to see what was for sale.. they had a lot of holiday patchwork and fall patchwork BTW..

    Anyway... I was telling her I wanted the Heritage multifunction tote and she said they didn't get those in... and she showed me this stack of papers with drawings of all the new stuff coming out until May-June!!!

    I cant remember everything.. but There is new Hamptons Weekend coming and a Hamptons Weekend Multifunction tote with the detachable strap.. I think that one was 4/1/08

    and I saw the Ergo pleated framed tote I think it was 5/1/08 and I saw these REALLY cute totes ( like travel size, I think) with flowers on them that are coming at the same time.

    Gosh, thats all I can think of now.. but I can probably ask her to show me again, I see her just about every week! :yes:
  2. how fun, can't wait to see them all! :yes:
  3. Ooh I cant wait to see new stuff! I'm kind of disappointed because I really thought I wanted a pleated ergo, but after I saw that shot w/the celebrity (cant think of her name!) that someone posted, Im not sure I liked the look of it. Maybe I need to wait for new Legacy bags! Any sketches on those?!
  4. OOhhh, will they let you take pictures with your cell phone to post for us to see?! She might think you're crazy, but we would be forever grateful!!! I can't wait to see the new stuff!!
  5. Yea, I was going to say the same thing :yes:
  6. Good Idea!:idea:
  7. Can't wait to see the new stuff!!!
  8. Wow what a wonderful SA! Thanks for all of the great information!
  9. I just remembered that I saw purses with a dragonfly on it!!! Like this one in the Key fob.. I can't remember what line they were from.

  10. Hamptons Weekend!!!!!!!!
  11. You didn't just say they were bags with a dragonfly!?!

    I'm going to have to start saving more money!
  12. :yahoo:I am very excited!!!
  13. ooh i can't wait to see what comes out.

  14. :nuts::yahoo:
  15. Cool! Very interested about the bag with the dragonfly. At the moment though, even more interested at that dragonfly keychain you posted. When was this out? Anyone knows? Love it!