The dilemma continues

  1. Hello everyone!!!
    As stated in my last posting my sister was in Las Vegas last weekend and followed through on her promise to pick up the elusive Miranda bordeaux that a SA was kind enough to hold for me until she arrived. Being so anxious to add Miranda to my growing collection of Coach handbags and accessories, I picked my sister and her DH up at the airport late sunday evening. Dropped them off, then drove straight home to do the unveiling. This should've been a very exciting moment but I must say I was disappointed instead of the love at first sight as anyone would anticipate it was more a feeling of blah. Don't get me wrong the Miranda is a lucious looking handbag and would be the finishing touch to any outfit but I wasn't feeling it. Does that make any sense? So off I go to Syracuse in a couple of weeks to return her so someone else can enjoy. The new catalogue is showing the Bleeker Shopper due out in stores in November (can be ordered now).

    Any thoughts or recommendations?:girlsigh:
  2. I just bought the signature bleecker shopper. I am in love!!!!
  3. can u please tell the dimensions as well as the price of this shopper. thanks.
  4. it was 495.00....I think. I don't know the dimensions...sorry.
  5. is it on the website yet?
  6. It is no longer on the website. I believe that Coach sold out of them or sent them to the stores. The dimensions are 13" L x 10" H x 5"W. It is a lovely bag and I am going to check it out today. If I like it I will buy it.