The Different Sides of the Fashion Force


Dr. Will, L.V PHd
Mar 9, 2008
Ever since my escapade to the "beige side" of the force...I have been asked by PM on what the color codes of the fashion forces are...and so I thought I might just put it into a thread for reference sake.

Black/White (either) -CHANEL - (even though she believed the most luxurious color was Brown)...Most Chanel seasons will include a black tweed suit, a white tweed suit, and a black and white tweed suit. (Lagerfeld always honors classic Chanel).

Beige - Gucci - Classic Gucci "Guccissima" Canvas is beige....usually the boxes that come with Gucci along with the tags are gold/beige.

Brown - LOUIS VUITTON - Boxes/Canvas/Tags....all brown

Black - Alexander McQueen - Always influenced by occult and dark fetishes...Alexander Mc Queen represents the Black side of the fashion force.

ORANGE= HERMES. - No explanation needed.

The Red side either = Christian Laboutin or Valentino...CL has the classic Red sole shoes and Valentino always uses Red as a signature color.

GOLD- Versace- Everything Versace has some gold. (no joke).

For tpf purposes...if anyone says they have been influenced by the"..." side of the force...this is usually what it means. And for everyone who may be new...I thought I would clarify what is meant by these terms. Especially because I was recently tempted by the Beige side of the force.

- My best. Will.