The Different Mulberry Leathers: A Guide

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  1. Hi Mulberry Gals! Can you share with us information about the different Mulberry leathers -- those of you who know? How many leathers are there? And what are their qualities? Which ones is easy care? Which ones are more expensive? I'm confused about the difference between congo, darwin, glove, etc. So, let's begin a tutorial on the types and virtues of each. Thanks!:tup:
  2. Congo

    This was their original leather along with the Scotchgrain I think. It is very shiny and looks reptile like. It is easy to care for (as long as you spray!) and looks very classy - I will always have a soft spot for the Congo. A few years ago this was thought of as Mulberry signature leather.


    This is what the classics have generally been made of. Think Kate Moss's Bayswater, Scarletts Roxanne. It is heavy (wearing and weight!) and is supposed to have a vintage look. It ages beautifully!!


    This is a lighter leather (Not half as heavy as the Darwin) doesn't age like the darwin but not dissimilar. Bayswaters can be made of this but are generally made of Darwin


    This is again an older mulberry style. Completely hard wearing and so easy to maintain (I use babywipes!) My Scotchgrain have lasted for years and still look new.

    I hope this helps - feel free to add:smile:
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  3. Washed nappa

    Butter soft with a lovely drape but scratches SO badly and stains are impossible to remove. Personally, I'd never buy another washed nappa bag :nogood:

    Soft nappa

    Very soft but very robust. Naturally resistant to scratches & rain.

    (This is just my opinion - if anyone has the care cards to hand, please update!)
  4. I agree dita. I'd never buy another washed nappa bag.

    However, the soft nappa is very hardwearing, surprisingly.
  5. I saw on another thread that you are disappointed with your Joni. Is it just because of the leather or do you not like the shape/size/style of the bag? The shape, size & style all suit me perfectly - I love the messenger strap and the fact that the bag is so light. It's just that the leather is so delicate.

    I think the style of the bag means that it gets away with a few markings on the leather and at least I don't mind taking it out in the rain :sweatdrop:
  6. It's the leather. I like the style and the shape. I like the fact you can use it as a messenger bag. However, I wore it with some dark jeans (stupid me) and the dye rubbed off slightly on the back of the bag. Since then I've been afraid to use it. Silly really, as it's in excellent condition apart from that. Has yours marked as well?
  7. Mine is marked in the exact same way - a large navy-ish patch on the back... fair enough, can't be seen from the front. I think I'd had the bag about 3 days and a really visible stain appeared on the strap. No idea what it is but I couldn't remove it. I was upset but then just got over it.

    It scratches easily but they scratches are not that noticable and they kind of suit the style of bag.

    You should use it and not worry :tup:
  8. Thanks ladies for this information. Now, is the Bayswater available in different leathers? Or is it hard to find? Also, is the Emmy now discontinued?
  9. Also, how do "we" feel about the new croc patterned leathers that I'm seeing on the website?
  10. Kenya

    This is the new croc leather - I like it, and it seems hardwearing but I am more of a darwin sort of girl!:smile:
  11. Scotchgrain is not leather, it is a poly vinyl coated canvas.

    Buffalo - a lot of textured variation with a fibrous appearance which will age over time.

    Cambridge - again not a leather but a blend of cotton and canvas with a polyurethane coating.

    Rio - vegetable tannned, natural product which means you see the individual grain pattern of each skin, similar to darwin

    Metallic glove - same buttery soft italian leather as glove but with a metallic foil surface finish

    Antique darwin - as darwin but hand finished to create an antique effect

    Reptile - similar to congo and kenya but with a much smaller skin pattern

    Canvas - obviously not a leather, but 100% cotton and trimmed with natural pigskin

    Antique glace - vegetable tanned cow hide, similar to darwin, which is polished and given a glazed effect by applying extreme heat to the leather with hot metal plates

    Suede - a glove like feel and strong depth of colour

    Logo - again not leather, but a cotton jacquard weave with a semi-glazed finish

    Vintage kenya or kenya - similar to kenya but with generally with small and large patterns on the skin

    Flight - again not leather, but a llightweight coated nylon generally trimmed with leather

    Goatskin - even grained high highly durable quality leather
  12. Wow, thanks for all this excellent information! This thread will be of great help to so many Mulberry fans as they come creeping into our space.
  13. I just realised I made a typo regarding the vintage kenya leather. It should read:

    Vintage kenya or kenya - similar to congp but generally with small and large patterns on the skin
  14. For a long time virtually all Mulberry bags were scotchgrain or congo. I've a Helier in congo, bought about 15 years ago, and it's still going strong. A lot of Mulberry purses are in congo.
    Darwin appeared when Mulberry went mainstream and has been really popular. It's great for the vintage look but it is heavy! If you don't mind a bag ageing then darwin will suit you. If, like me, you like your bags to stay looking new than don't go for darwin.
    Glove does age but slowly and is pretty easy to look after. It's also much lighter than darwin. If you like your bags less chunky, go for glove.
    Scotchgrain is still around, they had scotchgrain Heliers (like Kate Middleton's duck egg one) at Shepton when I was there last week. It's very hard wearing but it does cost seeing as it's not leather.
  15. I saw on the Mulberry site that the Bayswater is in NATURAL leather now, what is the difference with the DARWIN one ? Merci.