The Differences Between the '05 and '06 Paddingtons

  1. So there has been a lot of questions regarding what exactly makes the leather different from the '05 paddingtons to the '06 paddingtons. The difference is hard to show in photos because, to me, it's more the feel of the leather. But I will try to show you photos of both leathers so you get a general idea!

    It has been said that the '05 paddingtons have the softest and vintag-ey leather. The '06 have been claimed to be more stiff and "upright". Whatever your preference, there is a difference! I hope this helps!

    Reference: Chocolate is '05, Whiskey is '06

    Pic 1: Side-by-side "sitting" stance.
    Notice that the chocolate slumps more. I equally stuffed them.
    Pic 2: Side-by-side stance. Unstuffed.
    Pic 3&4: Close up leather. Notice that the pebbling on my whiskey is more even. My '05 chocolate actually has no pebbling, just textured leather. Some '05 did have pebbling.
    Pic 5&6: Close up leather. The chocolate '05 color is not uniform. It is darker in some spots than others. The '06 color is pretty uniform. Notice how the chocolate '05 leather looks softer and thinner. The whiskey '06 is made of thicker/tougher leather.
    Set 7&8: Interior Canvas. I tried to take a photo of the interior lining. I am not sure if it is showing through, but you can tell that the whiskey '06 lining has less wrinkles than the chocolate '05. That's cus it is much thicker.
    Set 9&10: Padlocks. The '05 chocolate padlock stitching is straight. The '06 whiskey padlock stitching is at a slight angle. The color metallics are different too. The '06 padlock is made of 50% brass and 50% zamac. The '06 padlock is slightly smaller and lighter than the '05.
    Points 10&11: I don't have a photo of this, but my '05 chocolate has a 6 digit date stamp on the left side of the interior pocket while my '06 whiskey has a long serial number on the right side.

    Is anyone else has leather comparision photos please post them!
    side by side.jpg unstuffed.jpg pebbleswhiskey.jpg chocolatepebbles.jpg choc.jpg leatherwhiskey.jpg paddyinteriorwhiskey.jpg chocolateinterior.jpg locks.jpg
  2. Here are some other differences. These are Fayden's awesome photos.

    Pics 1&2 : Interior zippers.
    '05 zipper has plastic teeth. '06 zipper has metal teeth.
    Pics 3&4: Handles attached to purse. The '05 has a little, smaller thingy in the middle. The '06 does not. I hope I explained that well! :lol:
    interiorzipperfeyda05.jpg interiorzipperfeyda06.jpg handles05feyda.jpg handlesfeyda.jpg
  3. Both are stunning bags.
    I would love to have a lighter lock on my bags.
  4. Thanks for posting these, lordguinny!

    Can I ask, are the square rings at the ends of the handles the same size for the '05 and the '06? And are the zips on the '05s also YKK like the '06s?
  5. What year did the Paddy come out?
    Was a tan color in the original run?
  6. gina_b, I just measured the square rings on both of my bags, and yes they are the same dimensions At the widest point across it is almost 2.5 inches (one peg away from the .5 part). My '05 paddington does not have any YKK engravements on the hardware. My '06 does have YKK stamping on the hardware. I know there are some '05s with it seems that in '05 there were a mixture of bags with and without YKK.

    Stratsey, I believe that the tan was the signature paddington colour. It was what was used to "launch" the bag. :yes:
  7. Last year was when the Paddy made its debut?
  8. Thanks! I had read something somewhere about the zips having to be stamped YKK, but I'm sure it must have been a reference to the '06 verson now. Thank you for clearing that up! It's been one of those things that haunts me (even when my brain ought to be otherwise more usefully occupied during the day). :flowers:
  9. I think it officially become available for pre-order January/February of 2005.
  10. Yes it did, I was lucky enough to get the first batch that came out from NAP, it was a pale cream, the tan came a month later :smile:. It is funny actually because the first ones that came out, did not even go onto waitlist. They were sitting on NAP waiting to be purchased!

    I remember taking it to a Hotel in Devon for Easter last year. Nobody had a clue what it was! no compliments at all! Times have changed abit since then! :biggrin:
  11. chloe-babe, have you seen the new '06 paddingtons? What are your thoughts on those compared to yours? Pale in craie? Yum!
  12. Yeah I have a Craie from the original batches and compared to any of my other brands...Balenciaga, Chanel, MJ, YSL...this leather is the thickest and softest and simply YUM.
  13. My tan leather is very thick and luggage-like. 05 bags were all super slouchy, but the leather varied in thickness. I had two tans at one point and the leather on both was thick, but one had wrinkles and the other did not. My 05 choco had thinner leather than the tan, but the choco had a better shape. The tan leather on my bag is so porous I can't even run a baby wipe over it without wringing it out first. There is discoloration on the piping from water getting on the leather. It's gorgeous leather but much more difficult to care for than my other Paddington bags.
  14. Roey, since the rain discolors the bags have you ever thought to spray them with leather protectant? I've been wondering if I should...
  15. It only discolors the tan. The others have dried without incident! :biggrin: