The difference between the speedy 25 & 30?

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  1. Hi

    Does anyone know what is the difference between the Monogram speedy 25 and the speedy 30?
  2. the 30 is bigger
  3. Which is the one Jessica Simpson has?
  4. 25 is small and adorable most members find the opening too small and very frustrating. They like the 30 because it's practical all around for size and price.
  5. Jessica Simpson has the 35...
  6. she has a 35.
    the number determines the width <-------> in cm's
  7. 5 cm (2 inches) doesn't seem like much but it makes a heck of a difference in the Speedy. Get the 30, unless you really want a mini-size bag.
    Everyone I know who has purchased a 25 has said they wish they had the 30 instead.:rolleyes:
  8. Go on the eluxury website (Louis Vuitton, essentials) to view the Speedy in the various sizes (25, 30, 35, 40). I believe the sizes are in centimeters but reflect inches on the website. They'll also show the prices!

    A Speedy 30 is a nice size to have! I had a 25 and found that it was too small for my needs but I guess it just depends on what you carry with you!

    I just realised that you are not in the United States. I guess you could go to the vuitton website and it would show the prices based on the country that you initially click on....
  9. definitely the 30..anything bigger than the 30 is way too big, imo
  10. I agree...go for the 30. Or visit the store and try it on for yourself?
  11. See I can't visit a store because the nearest one to me is in Dublin. (I live in Belfast and that's miles away).
  12. I would get the speedy 30 if I was you as the 25 is too small for me.
  13. i have the 25, and find it quite roomy. i have my wallet, changepurse, a paperback, my 60GB ipod, cell phone, a comb and i usually have a half litre pet bottle in there too, no problem. i can still fit in a light sweater or small umbrella, but then it's FULL. i think it depends on what you haul around. also, check the visual aids thread to get a good idea of how the bag looks. cheers!
  14. I have the 25 in monogram and the 30 in azur. I personally prefer the size of the 30, although the 25 does carry quite a bit (and I have a LOT of junk!).

    My vote goes for 30.
  15. I went to the store yesterday and fell in love with the 25. A lot of people on here prefer 30, which I have, but I think it's too big for me and I feel like I'm carrying a travel bag with it. (I think because of it being a handheld? And the shape? Not sure). Anyway, FELL IN LOVE with the 25. It doesn't like disproportionately small on me. I think a lot has to do with how it looks on your body, though.. KWIM?
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