The DH speaks about Las Vegas and SCP - Note CB is supervising this post

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  1. This is CB's DH, I thought I would fill you all in on what really happened when we went to SCP and Las Vegas.

    First, while at SCP, CB fell in love with a Jige in Rouge H, Box, with white stiching, it was a PM (yes I know it is kind of creepy that I know all of the purses, sizes, and leathers, but when your significant other talks about it all the time to you, you kind of pick up the language) :smile:.

    As she was clearly in love with this bag, and I must say it looked great on her, I got caught up in the Hermes moment, and practically begged her to buy it. This is the second time she has turned down a Jige, the other was in San Francisco and it was in Black Box. Even though she was drooling over the bag in her hand, she kept mumbling something about needed to wait for a Kelly. So we settled on some pocket squares, which I think she will be posting later for your viewing pleasure, they do look pretty nice.

    So then we get to Vegas and within 10 minutes of arriving and after 4 hours of driving in traffic we are at Hermes, again. So as we arrive we see the bag, she has talked about for over a year sitting in the case. A Blue Jean Kelly in togo, 32cm, with paladium hardware, (again, I realize I know way to much about these bags, in fact every SA always looks at me, and says so).

    So I try and keep up with CB as she almost reaches through the case to touch the bag. Then the SA comes over, takes it out, and she holds it, and then looks in the Mirror, and then holds it some more. And then the SA does the worst thing possible, he quotes a price, that is far less than we had thought, a reasonable $5800.

    So I say, lets get it (even though it would have taken most of our discretionary, and in some cases bill paying money for the month), and she says, "No, I can't, that wouldn't be responsible", can you believe that? I am at a loss here. So, we settled on a 70 cm scarf.

    So as you read CB's post please do what you can to encourage her to indulge a little when it comes to buying bags, I need some help from the you all.

    Thanks, from a tired and well traveled DH who loves his CB :smile:
  2. Well done, Mr CB! :drinks: You're one of a kind, being so attuned to your DW's fancy of Hermes. And you're one hell of a lucky man to have a sensible wife. That said, CB, go for it! Especially if it makes your heart sing! It's extra special because your DH is with you, in this purchase and beyond. :yes::yes:
  3. CB:

    buy it! :p:yahoo:
  4. This is's the pics of the scarves from our trip. Oh, the Jige and Kelly were so gorgeous and I was soooo tempted :yes: :yes::yes:!!!!! We had so much fun visiting SoCal and Vegas H's and seeing all the great inventory both stores had. You should have seen all the Kellys in Vegas!!! :yahoo:
    I really am in love with that box Jige....:graucho:...I think I need one soon!!! :tup:
    tmpphpmbh9M5.jpg tmpphpxaLxxb.jpg tmpphpxFD0ek.jpg
  5. Fesdu, I was freaking out!!! It was gorgeous and so cool to see the BJ Kelly IRL. :yahoo:
  6. Great scarves!
  7. [​IMG]

    Hello CB: BUY ME! Buy ME! I am LONeLy! I've BeEn WaitIng FoR YOUUUUUUUUUU!!

  8. Mr CB, you sound like a great guy. :smile:
    CB, you deserve your dream Kelly! :smile:
  9. The message from Mr. CB is so sweet and Mrs.CB's sensibility is so touching. You too really deserve each other. With that said, CB get yourself the Kelly. For a sensible girl, you know it does not depreciate in value so it will be a smart investment, one that you can get joy and pleasure in carrying. Go for it next time!
  10. gorgy scarves!!!!!!!!!! wow!!! yum yum! :tup:
  11. Fesdu, you are bad.:roflmfao: Reminds me of "Little Shop of Horrors", instead of "Feed me, Seymour, feed me!" it's "Buy me, CB, buy me!"
  12. CB - what a dear DH! and :wtf:R :wtf:U :wtf:NUTS?! Buy it, for crying out loud! (From my perspective, any time DH urges you to buy something you have wanted for a long time, it's best to take him up on the offer before the wind shifts, KWIM?)
  13. This is DH again. What made the trip worth it was watching CB's face when the SA said, oh we have several Kellys in the back in different colors, hardware and leather, would you like me to bring them out for you to see. Well after I helped CB get off the floor from falling down with shock and excitement, she said yes. Then the SA said, and what color and hardware would you like to see first, he then proceeded to bring them out two at a time, in the same colors but with different leathers, opening boxes and just going back and coming out as if it was nothing. That was when we realized we werent in San Francisco anymore.
  14. Beautiful scarves CB.
    And what a great DH to become so knowledgeable in H items and encouraging your love of Hermes.
    Congratulate yourself too for holding off purchasing those gorgy bags until you are really ready both emotionally and financially!
  15. Hi, CB! Wow, talk about self-control and discipline! My hat is off to you! I don't think I would be that strong when face-to-face with THE bag... especially if DH (well, if I had one) was all for getting it. You're amazing... and very responsible! :yes: Your scarves are beautiful!
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