The devil wears Prada

Jan 22, 2008
Sunday Feb 1, 2009

I went to a dim sum restaurant with my sister, bro-in-law and ma niece & nephew. I had my Monogram belt, sneakers, sac squash and teddy bear pins. My sister with her speedy and my niece with her mini HL. There was a young woman (with her Prada) with her two friends sitting across our table and stared at my bag and laughing. I didn't know why but I just let her be.

Sunday Feb 8, 2009

Exactly the same restaurant, I still had my sac squash on and this time I met her again also with the same Prada bag. That time she had the guts to say: LV never make that kind of bag, so big, fake and ugly. I just ignored her and walked away with a smile.

I guess I met "the (idiot) devil wears Prada". I feel pity to that Prada bag, for the owner is so ........... I don't know what to say. :P
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Jul 28, 2006
It's like Katt Williams says, laugh! "don't wait for a joke because the hater is the joke!"

I remember that whenever I run into people who think my mono Speedy is fake because the monograms show up upside down on one side. :biggrin:


Jan 7, 2009
lool such a stupid person... man I don't know if I could shut up on that lol

I probably would have said something like....."well if you had any kind of brain you wouldn't look so stupid and ugly saying something like that about my Vuitton because you would know its real"


Shoe Addict.
Jul 6, 2008
Its true the devil does where prada, I've met a few devils with pradas.
But you handled your self with class and pride so good job. Karma will get her back.


Dec 3, 2007
Okay... I guess I really gotta come back to my LV loving days because I just did a search to see how your bag looks.:shame: But guess what? In result, I stumbled on your modeling pic and you look really great with it!:tender: So that's all that matters!!:yes: Who cares what the idiot/devil chose to believe, right?


Sep 19, 2006
You did the right thing by ignoring her. There are too many crazy and stupid people who just can't keep their mouth shut. I personally have never met a "devil wears prada" but I have encountered a "devil wears LV."

By the way, I love your style.


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Jan 24, 2008
good for you for not minding the devil!! those type of people are just really mean!

just to share with you, i experienced meanness from strangers as well. last weekend i was carrying my new mon mono and was about to walk by this table with two women having coffee. from my peripheral vision i saw both of them looking quickly at my bag then one of them said, really loudly i might add, "I don't really like LV's!" i was with my brother and cousin, and i just chose to ignore them. just as we were walking past right in front of the table, one of them was about to say something when she stopped short; both stared at the bag. i think here is when they saw the mon mono closer. their silence made me smile as i walked away!