The Devil Wears Prada comes out on DVD on...

  1. December 12!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I can't wait! I loved that movie and want to see it again!!!!!

    All those bags and Chanel jewelry...:drool: :heart: :drool: :heart: :drool: :heart:
  2. loved the book. got the book.

    loved the movie. gonna get the dvd :wlae:

    thanks for the info!
  3. oohhh can't wait! :yahoo: i haven't seen it yet! Thanks for the info I was wondering when it was gonna be released
  4. I just finished the book and I looved it. Hilarious.

    I was seriously sad when I was done! :sad:

    Can't wait to get the dvd.
  5. LOL...I just looked this up yesterdayu....I was like isn't that out yet???

    I can't wait! I thought it was really good, the book was better, natch...but ohhh, being able to see the clothes and the bags! yum!
  6. Yup, can't wait to buy it!
  7. Yay!!! :yahoo:

    I did not get to see it in I am way excited to see it on DVD!!
  8. I was wondering when this was coming out. I haven't seen it yet, I'll have to pick it up when it comes out on DVD!
  9. i have the book, but i haven't read it. :lol:
  10. i read the book long before the movie came out... i loved it. i'm so glad they did a film adaptation. i'm definitely buying the dvd!
  11. Jeez, it only came out at the cinema here a few weeks ago!
  12. I love that book! I don't know yet if I am going to get the DVD, because i might just order it on PPV!
  13. Can't wait to plug that into the DVD player!!
  14. Yayyyyyy. Just in time for Christmas.
  15. Me too! I wanted to know what happened with the men in her life :P
    I haven't seen the movie though.