the devil made me do it!!

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  1. yet again all TDF congrats

  2. LOL!! i held out for as long as i could!!! i have to apologize to the sabrina lovers since i just couldn't see the attraction til she was snuggled under my arm!
  3. wow you got some beauties again!! That swingpack is going to be perfect for your travels!!! Now its justified lol.
  4. Gorgeous gorgeous bags!
  5. Girl we are so not worthy... You are the shopping queen... Awesome prices on the Sabrina's:ghi5:
  6. Awesome stuff Johnniegirl!! you have the best taste and the best luck.. I wish I lived by your outlet :love:
    I love everything you got!
  7. [​IMG]


    That's it. I have to get to the outlet. I don't know if I'll find such great stuff at my outlet. You have fantastic taste! I love the Madison swingpack. I must get one of those. The sabrinas are beautiful. I wasn't so big on them because I don't really like to carry big bags in my hands/on my wrist. But they are so beautiful! That beige color would be a perfect go with anything bag for spring/summer and the coral is gorgeous! And...I LOVE patent leather. Hmmmm.....
  8. This is absolutely gorgeous. The color is wonderful and I love miss sabrina! I want one so bad. Congrats on all of the damgage!! :smile:
  9. Ha! I knew I'd log on today and find another "Johnnie Reveal" at the top!?! :lol:

    Another great haul and nice score on the Sabrina's. I want to come live in your bag closet!!
  10. So "the devil went down to Georgia" again? ;)

    I love it all, as usual. :biggrin:

  11. Uhm, I'm not talking without a lawyer:graucho:
  12. You found a coral at the outlet? OMG I am jealous! Is it the large size?? What was the final price out the door before tax??

  13. Ok, I will only admit to the TWO Sabrina's ONLY....all others are not my fault....
  14. wow! such great things! as always! hehe congrats
    and yay for finding sabrinas in outlets
  15. Oh for the love of God do you get good stuff. I want that Putty one. OMG. So jealous. No Sabrina anywhere in my outlet.