the devil made me do it!!

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  1. I'm so glad my outlet sucks. If I was next to yours, it would be dangerous!
  2. damn!!! im sooooooooooo hoping to score a large coral patent
    sabrina at that price!

    congrats on ALL your GORGEOUS bags!! :biggrin: :biggrin:
  3. Johnniegirlatl. I love all your new bags. You are so lucky. I am drooling over here. I can't wait until I come to ATL for the The color purple play at the fox theater. Coach outlet will be my first stop when we get there. I always find stuff at the outlet.. I am so excited.. By the ways how much did you get the swing bag for?
  4. As alway I love everything and am totally jealous!!
  5. Wow. Gorgeous bags.

    Love seeing your reveals.
  6. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your Sabrinas! You are one stylin' gal!:party:

  7. I can't wait to see it too! I finally got around to booking my reservation at the Georgian Terrace (across the street from the Fox)... it's my favorite hotel in the city and I love staying there (even though it's not even 3 miles from my house!)... they just recently renovated it so I can't wait to see it!! What day are you seeing the Color Purple? I'm going on Saturday the 19th

    The bag was $71.99
  8. The coral Sabrina is gorgeous!!
  9. Nice goodies, Johnnie! I'm in love with the putty Sabrina.
  10. OMG that travel bag is awesome, and TWO sabrinas :faint: your reveals are incredible!!!
  11. Girl!!! I love your reveals! What awesome stuff! I'm about three hours from Atlanta...I need to come shopping with you...or do I? :nuts: Anyway, congrats!!
  12. Sooo pretty as always! What was the price on the Sabrinas?
  13. Wow, can't believe you found sabrinas at your outlet, everything you found is so gorgeous, congrats!
  14. thank you, j!

    $369.04 for the coral color
    $245.84 for the smaller one
  15. Wow! Your reveals never cease to amaze me! I knew you'd cave in sooner or later and get a Sabrina or two. :biggrin: