the devil made me do it!!

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  2. Woman you need one of those 12-Steps programs. I heard they help to get the devil away. LOL. I love this. Perfect for small travels. Congrats!!
  3. okay... the last two are COMPLETELY not my fault!!! tammie asked about them... i wasn't even considering them since i have never really been a fan of the line but then these bundles of joy jumped in my lap and i simply couldn't resist!!

    first... the little one... we'll call her pretty in putty

  4. A Johnniegirlatl Reveal! OH NO I'm in trouble...
  5. I like this a lot!! Looks so soft.

  6. AHHH....Sabrina in the outlet?!!!

  7. O.M.G.

    My resistance is wearing down!!
  8. yup... a couple of them!


    a coral cutie!
  9. johnniegirl I love your reveals. The stories are always great and you find the best stuff!
  10. That is so pretty IRL.

  11. thanks so much for letting share the goods again today y'all... i really feel like i might be done for a little while but then again maybe i'm not! :lol:
  12. :wtf:
  13. oh... here are the new members of the family altogether

  14. "DONE for a while?" Suuuuurrrre, we totally believe you!

    Thanks for sharing! I'm so excited I made it to a live one... normally I'm drooling late at night! Congrats on the awesome finds!
  15. Nina_B just jumped on a flight to ATL!:welcome::supacool:

    I wanna make purse angels in Johnnies purse room!