The desert hills premium outlet - HOw much are their prices!

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  1. I had never been to a Gucci outlet before, and I'm going to california this July on vacation for a handbag-hunt, I was wondering how are their prices at an outlet? LIke how much less would they be compare to their regular price? I'd alway been a fan of Gucci but most of my purses are Burberry. I love their pink candy check collection. Anyways, let me know guys so I can get my first Gucci purse. Thanks.

    ps. By the way I called the store and the guy who answered the phone wasn't nice. you know his tone and stuff. So i guess I rather ask you guy.;)
  2. I have been there a few times and never bought anything. To be honest usually the prices are not that great there. If you are looking for a Gucci bag they have a sale starting in a few days. From what I have noticed their sale prices and outlet prices are almost the same. And you get a much better selection at the sales. I am not sure if this is true but this is what I was told that the outlets just get the leftovers from the sale and the bags stay at the same price as they were when they were on sale in the boutique.

    Their sale prices and outlet prices average 30-40% off regular price.

    But since you are into Burberry there is a Burberry at the Desert Hills outlet and they usually have a large selection of pink candy cane items.

    One last thing. The desert Hills outlet is actually in the desert and in July expect the weather to be well over 100 degrees.
  3. beljwl, thanks for the tip on the scorching temperatures out there. :nuts: I'm heading out to Anaheim in mid-July and was planning to visit the outlet too. Also, I won't hold my breath on the Gucci selection but I'm hoping Bottega will have better stuff!
  4. wow, I did not know the outlet is actually the desert. That's gonna be pretty hot then.

    Can you tell me how long is the sale last in the store? I probably can't go to the Gucci store until next Monday or the Monday after that. Thanks. Are every Gucci stores on sale or just depend on the location?

  5. Yes, desert hills is right before palm springs, ca.

    The pre-sale started a few days ago but I think the offical sale starts on the 5th. It is at all the stores. And it will also be online as well.

  6. Have fun Cornetto!!! I went to the outlet in 2005 and ther was soo much stuff!! I want to go again!! There are so many designers at that outlet!

    Happy Shopping!
  7. Thanks peachy_gurl! I'm glad to know there are lots of goodies out there! Problem now is how to budget for everything?!? :P
  8. haha...don't budget :graucho:!!!! just buy everything!!!! jk :P
  9. oh man im so jealous!! do let us know what u see!!! so we can call in and order hahahaa and take tons of pics!!!!!!!

  10. Thanks luved! I do hope I can post pics/reports of the outlet while I'm there. Wouldn't it be fun if we start a thread showing Gucci stock around the world? :nuts: In other sub-forums, they post pics showing shelves and shelves of bags! But I'm pretty sure the Gucci boutiques will forbid photo-taking. :P
  11. Hi,
    I called their store last Sat to find out which bags were on sale and the SA said they don't really have bags on sale but that they're discounted a little bit than the boutiques.

    Anyway, they sent me the following pictures of the monogram line and their prices. I don't know if they've gotten more since Sat and I"m sure they have other ones;I just didn't ask them. They said they also ship (I'm in Seattle) but I didn't ask how much shipping was. The person I talked to was Lorinda.

    Hope this helps.

    Sorry, the prices didn't show up. Anyway from left to right, the prices are:

    $389 (for the medium size)
    $489 (for the large size)

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  12. Thanks for posting this! Do you know which year this collection is from? 2005? Does anyone know? (Sorry this is off-topic).

    Back to the thread, I got my first Gucci from the outlet and the prices of the bags I got were 30% to 40% off, some odd items will have slightly more discount for a quick sale. Would love to go back soon...
  13. Thanks for the info love2shop! Great prices and styles. How helpful of them to actually send you photos!
  14. do you think they will send you the picture if i call the desert hill outlet? i called once & the guy were actually rude, I can tell totally by his tone. I never have a Gucci purse before & i want to buy one since i'm going to California for vacation. My sister is planning to get some tote bag too. Well we can't really spend more than $1000 for a purse because we are just student :crybaby: so we'r not paying by credit card, it is through the bank account right away. Maybe around $300 or $800, i guess that's all since CA tax is pretty high.
  15. I would try calling. It doesn't hurt to try calling again
    Yes, California Sales tax is 8.25%