The Depo Shot Questions...

  1. So I recently (about a 2 months ago) started on the depo shot. I've had some side effects like the light bleeding (that has been lasting for weeks!)

    Has anyone else had any side effects from the depo shot or has it been good?

    I havn't had really any weight gain from it like it said I might. So I'm very pleased with that!

    Just wanted to hear someone elses take on teh edpo shot! Thanks!
  2. I hate Depo. It gave me a three month period. My husband said that it was indeed an effective birth control - no one wants to have sex while bleeding! I couldn't wait to get off of it. I thought I was the only person to have non-stop bleeding, but if you go on forums it happens quite often. Other people lose their period altogether - and that's what I was hoping. Instead it was just awful. :yucky:
  3. ^^^Wow...that's horrible! I'm so sorry!

    I was on it for a year for certain, maybe two...can't remember (it was around 7 yrs. ago). I had a bit of bleeding that went away. I gained no weight w/it. Besides the actual shot being painful imo, I loved it. A gf of mine was off it about a year before it was fully out of her system and she had a cycle again...I was off it about 3 months, then got pregnant as planned.
    Good luck...
  4. Yes, I once had a client who bled non-stop for three months, too. Her doctor told her after the fact that she now had the uterus of a 40 year old woman....she was in her early 20's!
    But then I also have a good friend who swears by it. She never even has a period.
    My doctor doesn't even give it because you don't know how one will react to it and once it's given to you, there's no taking it back.
  5. Yeah, so did I and I didn't have a period for 5 years, either. I don't have the uterus of a 40 year-old but, instead, I have the bones of an 80 year-old. :sad:
  6. OMG!! That is terrible!!! Wow, sorry to hear that...:sad:
  7. I have taken the depo shot off and on for more than 12 years and it is my favorite form of birth control. Usually the weight gain doesn't happen in the first three month cycle you take it, so don't get cocky about that yet. lol
    Go ahead and adjust your diet by small amounts and maybe up the exercise if you do any because more than most of the time it DOES eventually happen if you don't consciously watch what you eat. And fast. Best to adjust like before that happens to prevent it.

    As far as the bleeding, the longer you are on the shot, the less it gets. Eventually you may not bleed at all, for years. WHICH ROCKS! lol.
    I did have some trouble with original versions of the depo shot that they put out years ago, but this last year I have been on a newer version because I have suffered some bone loss. Yes, nasty side effect of depo but the new version is supposed to be a different formula that doesn't cause that. It also didn't cause any bleeding or spotting at all with me, despite having occasional bouts with older formulas. BUT I have had more weight gain with it than the older version. I've got to go on a major diet.

    It is touch and go with spotting. Just depends on the person. During the past twelve years I went thru times when I spotted a little everyday, and months without any spotting or period at all. It's definitely better than taking a pill everyday tho.
    I'm 28 and have to go for bone scans every year now to monitor my bone density. I think that my genetics causes that moreso than Depo tho. Maybe it just aggravated it because my mother was diagnosed with osteoporosis at the age of 38. She has had a significant loss in a short amount of time, so I doubt Depo caused mine.
    Good luck with it. I personally prefer Depo over any other method. Everyone's opinion varies tho.
  8. Same thing going on with me... 12 years on Depo did a number on mine but Osteoporosis is rampant in my family.
    They do make a new version of Depo that is supposed to be the fix for this.

    Other forms of birth control cause breast cancer, and this makes your bones thin, so I guess you have to choose the lesser of the evils for you. Breast cancer is also prevalent for the women in my family (most of them over 40 have breasts anymore on my mom's side due to mastectomy) so I choose thin bones anyday!

    Sorry it happened to you!
  9. THis is all really 'good' info. out there for those considering it.

    Some of your posts are just horrible...I'm so sad for you. How did they figure out that it caused the weak bones...were there several reporting this as a side effect after check ups?

    When I was on it....I kept thinking, 'this can't be good'...just the thought that our body needs to bleed to rid the cervix and uterus of the I couldn't quite understand how not bleeding for two years straight (or 12) could be a healthy alternative for us??????
  10. I was on Depo for about 2 years and loved it. However, it caused me to gain about 25-30 pounds, so I switched to the Pill.
  11. I was on the depo shot 6 weeks after giving birth to number 2 in 1998. I was 4 months preggo with number 3 before I knew it because I never had a period and was told that was normal... needless to say the shot did not work for me. I thought I had a tumor in my stomach... imagine my surprise to find out it was a baby! I had 2 babies 12 months apart because of depo.
  12. WOW! I bet that was the surprise of a lifetime! I am shocked that you got pregnant while you were on depo because it's supposed to be the most effective form of birth control (other than sterilization and abstinence, of course). I didn't do that math, but is it possible that you got pregnant right before you started the depo? Did the baby suffer any ill effects from the depo?
  13. No, I got pregnant about 2.5 - 3 months into the shot. The baby was fine. I was part of a study by the Univ of FL for women who got preg on it. I think it was fairly new to the market when I took it, but I'm not sure. I was also breastfeeding at the time so it's a miracle I got pregnant! The daughter who was conceived while on depo is now 8 years old and is diabetic. I don't think there is a relation between her diabetes and the shots, but she is the only child I have with diabetes and also the only one conceived on depo. I seriously doubt there's a link since diabetes is largely hereditary and is an autoimmune disorder, but the thought has crossed my mind.
  14. I took the depo shot about 6 yrs ago, got it only twice and bled for an entire year, hated it!