The Departed

  1. Did everyone go see this film this weekend?

    if you didn't yet...
    GO SEE IT!
    :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

    worth every penny!
  2. A+++++++++
    did you guys know that this movie was actually a HK movie first..
    they asked permission to make it in the american version..
    nonetheless,GREAT movie!:yes:
  3. I did too! I saw the HK version "Infernal Affairs" too. I thought this was a great version! Used to hate Leonardo but he was great in this movie! Ending was a bit ridiculous though.
  4. I KNOW!!
    leonardo was AWESOME!!
    seriously's a great comeback..
    coz he was away for some time..:P
    "internal affairs" has like 1,2,3 films..
    i guess the ending was weird for the american version coz they dont wanna do a second one..hihi...
  5. -----
    "Departed" Arrives on Top

    By Bridget Byrne
    Sun Oct 8, 11:46 PM ET

    The Departed sent Leatherface and Jessica Simpson packing as Martin Scorsese's all-star crime drama hauled in $27 million to dominate the weekend box office.

    Starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Jack Nicholson and Mark Wahlberg in a tale of subterfuge and betrayal between Boston cops and Irish mobsters, The Departed, a loose remake of the Hong Kong action film Infernal Affairs, represented a new personal best for Scorsese. The director's previous best was 1991's Cape Fear, which debuted at number one in November 1991 with $10.2 million and ended up grossing $79.1 million.

    At 3,017 sites, the R-rated Warner Bros. film averaged $8,954 per screen, best among all movies in wide release.

    Paul Dergarabedian, president of box-office tracker Exhibitor Relations, credited studio marketers who placed "the pedigree of the movie front and center" for the film's success.

    "It's a well-deserved number one," he said, noting the movie is powered by the talents of "four major stars and a legendary director," has garnered generally good reviews and is positioned for an Oscar run.

    While finishing a distant second, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning carved up a nice slice of the box office with $19.1 million.

    The R-rated prequel, which showed the formative years of the power-tool-friendly psycho, had a solid body count, averaging $6,791 at 2,280 locations. Still, the New Line entry didn't outgross (moneywise, that is) the 2003 remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, which whirred in with $28 million and eventually tallied $80.1 million, and with Halloween approaching, Leatherface is going to get some scary competition with both The Grudge 2 and Saw III opening soon.

    Meanwhile, the weekend third major newcomer, Simpson's Employee of the Month, was a bust. The nominal comedy, costarring Dane Cook, finished in fourth with $11.8 million. The PG-13 Lionsgate release averaged just $4,575 at 2,579 locations.

    Last week's chart-topper, Open Season, had a strong second weekend, dropping just 32 percent to $16 million in third place. The family-friendly Sony 'toon has hunted up $44.1 million in 10 days.

    But a couple other flicks fell flat in week two.

    Kevin Costner and Ashton Kutcher's soggy action drama The Guardian sank 46 percent, down from second to fifth place with $9.6 million to bring its total to $32.3 million. And the nerd comedy School for Scoundrels appears to have completely flunked out, falling 60 percent from fourth to seventh place with $3.4 million for a total of $14 million.

    In limited release nothing came close to usurping The Queen. The PG-13 Miramax release, starring Helen Mirren as Queen Elizabeth II, added three sites for a total of eight and averaged a royal $50,125 per theater for $401,000. That's a gain of 229 percent over last week and brings the film's 10-day gross to $634,000.

    Finally, Shortbus, an unrated Think Film release, got off to a strong start. Playing at just six screens in the U.S. and Canada, the relationship comedy directed by John Cameron Mitchell averaged $20,108 for $120,650. It will open at 10 more sites next weekend.

    Overall, it was another up weekend, with the top 12 movies registering $102 million. That's a gain of 18 percent over last weekend and 16 percent over this time last year.

    Here's a rundown of the top-grossing films from Friday to Sunday based on estimates compiled by Exhibitor Relations; final figures are due Monday:

    1. The Departed, $27 million
    2. Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning, $19.1 million
    3. Open Season, $16 million
    4. Employee of the Month, $11.8 million
    5. The Guardian, $9.6 million
    6. Jackass: Number Two, $6.4 million
    7. School for Scoundrels, $3.4 million
    8. Gridiron Gang, $2.3 million
    9. Jet Li's Fearless, $2.1 million
    10. The Illusionist, $1.8 million
  6. oooh I can't wait to see this movie!!
  7. I can't wait to see this movie! I love Matt Damon!
  8. I usually am turned off by remakes or adaptations, because I have yet to see one that is better than the original.

    Infernal Affairs (the first one, and the only one of the trilogy worth watching, imo) was such a great movie, which is why I'm hesitant to see The Departed until I read enough positive reviews.
  9. This sounds so good! Can't wait to go!
  10. We saw it over the weekend and I liked it. The story line is easier to follow than the original, and I thought Leonardo, Mark Walberg, Alex Baldwin and Jack Nicholson are all great in the movie. I actually liked the ending - a nice clean break, no more ridiculous sequal or prequal.
  11. Saw it this weekend and thought Leo, Jack and Alec were outstanding!
  12. I saw it!

    good movie.
  13. I love "INFERNAL AFFAIRS"!!! Out of the trilogy, I like the first and the last one best. The second one is like a prequel but it doesn't quite strike a chord with me. The third one has more brainwork and depth involved so that's why I really like the third one whereas the first one has a very good storyline.

    I'm very curious to see how the American adaptation will be. From what I know, they're only doing one installment as opposed to the trilogy as the original version has done. Does anyone know who is Mark Walberg's character's HK counterpart?
  14. i heard martin scorsese paid 6 million to remake the movie. but yes i watched it over this weekend. i enjoyed it sooo much. it had its funny moments, drama and of course action packed to last minute. i loved ever single character in it. i would even see it for a second time and buy the dvd when it comes out. a definite two thumbs up!!!:heart:
  15. It was a great movie and how refreshing because there haven't been many great movies out recently. I think it will win some awards because the acting and directing was great. Leo, Matt, Mark, Nick, Alec and all the actors did an awesome top notch job. I highly recommend this movie. The ending with a bit queintin Tarintinoish, i don't want to ruin it though
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