The Departed *spoiler*

  1. I just finished watching the movie, why did Mark W.'s character shot Matt D' in the end? Does anyone know?

  2. No, but I guess now those of us who have not seen it know how it ends.
  3. Yeah, thanks a lot! ;)
  4. haha oh no!!! i guess *spoiler* should be added to the title!!! :s
  5. SPOILER!!!!!

    Apparently it had to do with the envelope that Leonardo di Caprio gave the therapist that Matt Damon was seeing. He mentioned that if anything were to happen to him she was to open the envelope and follow the instructions, since he knew that Matt Damon was in cahoots with the mob.
  6. I thought she already opened it while he was in the shower, remember the tape? That's how he knew Leonardo got the tapes.

    My guess is that MW is also one of them, and that why he killed MD...just like how MD killed the "elevator" guy.
  7. The word "SPOILER" definitely needs to be added to the title of this thread.

    The tapes and the envelope were two completely different things.

    Mark Wahlberg's character was not in cahoots with Matt Damon. The MW character was one of the good guys.

    Why did he kill him?...

    MW spent the entire movie trying to determine who the mole inside of the department was. MD was either directly or indirectly involved in the killing of MD and Martin Sheen's characters, not to mention the blood that was on his hands from the death and injustice that countless others had suffered. MW was now out of a job and presumably undeservedly disgraced careerwise thanks to MD.

    The killing of MD was the only way the MW character would be able to avenge the fate of "the departed".
  8. exactly.. there's nothing to it really
  9. Well said. I finally saw the movie last night and I think it deserves the Oscar.

    I always thought Leo was cute (in a little boy kinda way) ever since Growing Pains, but after I saw him in this movie, WOW! Did he ever grow up. Yes, working out with weights definitely works for him. He is HOT!

    No offense to the people of Boston, but that Boston accent is so hard on the ears. Maybe because I know that Marky Mark does not really talk like that.

    The actress that plays the therapist, she looks familiar, what other movie was she in?
  10. this movie left me blank.
  11. definately agree with you!

    this is an amazing movie!!!!!!
  12. :rolleyes: Oh dear...Thought Leo was good in it, though
  13. I can't believe this movie just won best picture.
  14. I watched the movie yesterday. The only thing I can think of right now is Leo half naked (bed scene). He looks hot! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Marky Mark is from Boston, so at one point he had an accent like that.