The dentist!


Jan 2, 2006
get a lighted magnifying mirror for putting on your make-up- then floss every day in the same close-up mirror. you'd be amazed at waht you'll see even after you brush. your hygenist will never again have to scrape between your teeth. i promise.


Feb 28, 2006
No, having the gas never makes me feel sick afterwards. Towards the end, they turn the oxygen on high to sort've flush you out. When I'm driving to work I may feel a bit loopy, but not in danger or wrecking or anything and then that feeling goes away quickly.


Longchamp <3
Feb 23, 2006
i kinda like going to the dentist. sounds weird, but i like having my teeth be extra white and clean. and my dentist is really nice and they have this video thing so you can see what they are doing in your mouth on a tv screen. and instead of boring lights they have a panel with a sky and flowers or a flower field or something like that. i hate that tooth paste stuff that tastes like salty tho. if my teeth hurt after i have a popsicle and it usually helps and gets rid of the icky tastes and i just liek popsicles lol :P


Just 1 more, I swear...
Feb 24, 2006
san francisco
OMG this reminds me, I gotta make an appointment! Haven't had dental insurance for a loooooooooooooong time hence never had it professionally cleaned (I'm sooo scared!!!). I think last time I went was when I got one of my wisdom tooth taken out which was about 3 years ago, and I've yet to get my other wisdom tooth taken out (as much as I hate the dentist, the oral surgeon scared me even more:cry::Push:smile:. Anyone in the SF area can recommend any good dentist?


Mar 6, 2006
OMG, I thought I was the only one with fear of going to the dentist. I build up plaque fast so I have to go every 6 months or I my loose my teeth. I cancelled my appointment that I had in December and have been put it off ever since. I just made an appointment cause of this thread.


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Mar 1, 2006
both my mom n dad r dentists so i never feel afraid to go to d dentist :biggrin: , but i don't like to have my teeth cleaned n scraped either :sad: , it gives me weird-salty taste, n the sound is lil bit annoying.. my mom cleans my teeth at least once every 4mths since i was little n i never have any problem w my teeth, so cleaning r really worth to do!!

btw, i dont think pain or swollen will be a huge matter today, just find a dentist/oral surgeon who use lasers. it doesnt give you pain during n after surgeon, your mouth wont be swollen, it even can cure ulcers :P .. i often have ulcers when i was wearing braces n all my mom do to get rid of em r shoot em w laser

oh pls pls.. dont hate dentists... :shame: