The dentist!

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  1. Just got back from the dentist and it is one of my least favourite things that I have to do every 6 months.:sick:

    I hate it, when they clean your teeth and pick away at them with that painful torture device! My eyes always leak tears, even though I'm trying so hard to be brave!

    Lucky it was only a cleaning and nothing else. Still!
  2. Ha Ha. I just came back from the dentist too. :lol:
    No cavities but I do hate that scraping thing between your teeth. I also hate the griddy taste of that tooth polish stuff. We should be happy though......atleast we have teeth .:blink:
    Could be worse.

    Couldnt resist saying that. When I was young and I used to complain about something my dad always used to say I'd better be glad that I had it because some people don't.

    "Dad I don't like the veggies. I don't want to eat 'em"
    "Girl, you better be glad you have vegetables to eat, some people wish they had a plate full of food like you do"

    I could just picture him now. After I complain about the dentist saying
    "You better be glad that you have teeth to clean. Some people don't even have a full set of healthy teeth and wish they did"

    I love my dad :biggrin:
  3. I have to go in the next couple of months and am not looking forward to it. I do have a fear of losing teeth though, so I guess it would be nice to know that none of them are falling out :lol: I hate having those dreams!!!!
  4. He he. So cute. And your Dad has a point. There are lots of people, from earlier generations, who didn't have the dental care we have!

    Still. The scraping... and the grittiness...

    OK, am trying to follow your example, Iluvbags. I know I was whining!
  5. That would be a horrible dream, Noriko! My parents are always telling me that it's so important to take care of your teeth.
    And I was reading that dental health is connected to physical health.
    So I guess it can be quite scary.
  6. i've always had bad teeth... well they're not so bad anymore... but then again they could be.... i totally love going to the dentist because i know i'll get a really good clean... ever since i was a kid, my parents always told me to look after my teeth when i get older because thats the only set you're ever gonna have! :biggrin: i'm a geek! geek geek nerd nerd ;)
  7. I just got back from the dentist, too! The right half of my face is still numb. :smile: My husband kept making me laugh, because the one side of my face won't move right. Ugh, I can't wait for it to wear off.
    My dentist is a riot, and the girls in the office are the best. They really try to make it as fun as it can be. They even have LCD televisions mounted on the wall at every workstation, so you can watch tv while they work on your teeth.
  8. That's weird, I called and made an appointment with my dentist today.. and my dad went to his dentist today...

    What's this, Dentist Monday?? LOL
  9. Huh. It seems like it's just a dental sort of day!

    Melissa, my dentist has got TV too! And the cleaning system they use is far better than the older style one, it's kind of a 'sandblast' clean.

    The staff is nice too. But, nice as they are, I'd rather not have to see them (at least at their office, under professional circumstances).
  10. Helen, my teeth are horrible too. They are totally weak. All the more reason why I'm so lucky I'm from today's generation. If I was older, would probably not have any teeth left! (ugh!)
  11. I go to a "new agey" dentist that specializes in creating a calmer environment for people who are anxious to go to the dentist. Does it help? NO! I still hate the dentist and get really tense when I'm there. It doesn't help that I have a small mouth (ok, I admit, up until I was 23, I still went to my pediatric dentist) and sometimes they have to clamp me. My last visit in December resulted in "itchy" feeling teeth and gums for about a week, and I was told that I have to get ALL my wisdom teeth out since my mouth is so small, and they will impact my other teeth. :cry: :cry: :cry:
  12. My grandmother hates the dentist, she always calls me the day before her appointment and asks me to reassure her that everything will be okay :lol: I don't mind going. I had braces for 5 years and had them tightened every 6 weeks, so I quickly got used to people poking and prodding at my teeth.

    I just got new dental insurance, I should make an appointment for a cleaning. I probably have a cavity or two :shame:
  13. something about the composition of my saliva (according to my dentist, i dunno) makes me build up plaque faster, so i HATE the dentist. it hurts SO BAD and i always bleed and leak tears like you said. i used to work at the dentist. that sucked, too.
  14. I've got that fast plaque too!! So the dentist is generally pretty traumatic for me!!
  15. SuLi, I had all my wisdom teeth out as well! They told me the same thing as they told you...