The Dentist....I'm PETRAFIED!!...I need some advise

  1. Ok....I have to admit..I am DEATHLY afraid of the Dentist:shame: ...must of been a bad experience in my childhood or something...:nuts:

    I dream of having vaneers put on my teeth all the time...but I'm just so frightened to go in!

    I faithfully brush my teeth at LEAST 3 times per day (which I know probably isn't good)...and I floss or use a floss pick daily...but teeth are becoming very sensative to cold..and my gums have a slight burning sensation...I'm worried I'm developing Periodontal disease. :sad:

    I need some advise and encouragement from others who understand my fear...I guess the bottom line is..I'm afraid the dentist will tell me ..."I've got to pull them all..." And I'll end up with dentures!!! HELP!!!
  2. May I ask what age group would you classify yourself in? How hard to you brush at your enamel? Do your gums bleed? How far can you recall these new instances? You may be slightly paranoid at this, brushing harder, thus inducing sensitivity, but if you have a gut feeling that something's wrong, get in there asap, its awful, the longer you wait, the worse it gets. some people take teeth for granted, but the bacteria and such can do record damage in such little time. I don't think you'll end up with dentures lol if it's been happening lately. never diagnose yourself! has your gum specialist, or dentist mentioned anything about gingavitis? is there a type of film that's on your teeth, that no matter how hard you brush, it won't come off? or rather do you feel as if "your gums are separating from your teeth?" another factor can be hormones- that can affect your tissue, and induce sudden sensitivity to your teeth. are you pregnant, beginning menopause or puberty, or whichever? stress can also play a role, financial stress especially. stress lessens your resistance to the disease. medications can play a role in this, clinical depression, clenching or grinding your teeth, poor nutrition, diabetes, and a lot more factors. thats why you need to stop worrying and trying to figure out what you have yourself and get to a dentist asap. and then from there theres different types and levels of perio, so get yourself to that dentist, and reward yourself for facing your fear with a nice bag, or accessory!
  3. ....I'm 42....(I old to be such a baby and wimp)... gums do not bleed...however, I did buy an new type of flosser/brush to clean inbetween my teeth..and now that I think of it...I guess it probably has started since then. I've been swishing with Listerine twice a day..and it just BURNS when I do this...

    I do notice that my gums at the base of my lower front teeth appears white on the top..and then gets pink under that. Its not white as in "drainage"..but just more white as in possibly ulcerated (if thats possible).

    I'm embarrassed to go into the dentist..because I know they will ask how long its been since I was last seen (a couple years ago)...and will probably think I do not care about my teeth which couldn't be further from the fact...I'm just paranoid and terribly scared of the procedures...(I know..Its a mental thing...)...
  4. Ahh I'm the same as you. I am So scared of them.
    but I pushed myself last year to go to one. I needed to pull out a baby tooth that didn't have a tooth behind it :/ it was loose forever but it never fell.
    I just got sick of it one day and I said that's it!
    and I pushed myself. was scared of novcain but thank god it wasn't as bad as I'd imagined.
    I ended up getting a bridge and some caps and braces for a few months :smile:
    glad I went to be honest!
    You can do it I know you just need to push yourself and it'll be over sooner than you know it.
    and don't worry there are alot of people who don't go to dentists much either, you're not alone ^_^
  5. I understand the fear. when I was a child. no one cared about how much pain the child was going thru. I go faithfully every 6 months because I'm so determined to keep my teeth till I die. Ask around for a dentist who works with fearful patients--they have methods to help you through it. I highly doubt if they will scold you. Just decide that professional care for your teeth and gums is necessary, and it's a part of your overall health.

    Listerine has alcohol in it--that could be what's burning. Why not try one of the alcohol-free rinses? I use either Rembrandt or Crest has a new one.

    Your fear is way worse than the actual appointment will be. wouldn't you rather go and get it over with? Then go regularly and each time will be easier. Good luck--I know you can do it!
  6. Do you have a friend or relative with a dentist they really like who has a great bedside manner? Maybe ask around and have a brief consultation with a few to see if you like their personality and how they handle nervous patients? I hear some dentists even will give you headphones so you can listen to soothing music during the cleaning...

    It's completely understandable to be afraid. Having someone put their hands and picks/cleaners in your mouth is freaky! I think you will feel better when you have an idea of exactly what might be the issue with your teeth/gums and a plan on what to do. The self diagnosis isn't the best route for any of us to go.

    you can do it!!!
  7. The dentist won't hold it against you if you haven't been there in a couple of years, and we can all say things to comfort you, but bottom line is you have to go. Its a good sign that your gums aren't bleeding, but I know I sound harsh, but seeing how this is the field I'm in and I've seen best and worst case sceneriors, the longer you wait and put it aside and stress about it, the worse its going to get. Ask for laughing gas if you are worried about the shot, they will numb it before you get the shot, but the shot surprisingly doesn't hurt as much as you would think. I'm a total baby I won't let them do anything unless I have laughing gas. Another factor could be because you are in your 40s, your body is starting to go through hormonal changes, so again I cannot stress this enough, don't procrastinate and get in that chair!
  8. My mom and I are both terrified of going to the dentist. Mom was actually given Valium to deal with it. I just flip out before hand, but it's never as bad as I think it will be.
  9. Count me in! When I was younger and had to get teeth pulled. I was trembling in the waiting room that day.

    Definitely get it checked out, I'm sure everything will be fine, and if you get nervous.. just remember it will be over in about an hour or so. :biggrin: That's what I do during an appointment.
  10. Thank you all for your wonderful support and advise. I did call today and made an appointment for next week. They told me to stop using the Listerine (which someone else suggested) and I picked up some Scope today. They also advise me to "STOP" flossing with the floss brush..they felt I was probably injuring my gums(I'm obsessive about flossing..I hate anything inbetween my teeth).

    I made an appointment for cleaning..x-rays and will begin the process of fixing what ever needs to be fixed (hopefully not much)..and then I will invest in some vaneers. They also called in a prescription for Xanax for me to take 1hr before the appointment (to ease my nerves). I'm also going to have Nitrous Oxide for the appointment.

    I cannot stress enough how much everyones encouragement and understanding has helped me.....I'm still extremely scared..but promise I will not cancel and I will go.

    Thanks again everyone...this forum is FABULOUS not just in a purse kinda way...
  11. Good luck with everything! Veneers sound like an excellent investment. :biggrin: :yes:
  12. The dentist isn't all that bad I've prctically everything in the book done to my teeth. I got braces when I was 13. Had baby teeth pulled felt weird but not painful. YIKES! Cleanings Cavity fillings after my first child. Pregnancy wreaks havoc on your body. Finally had my 4 wisdom teeth extracted. Not that bad honestly!!!! In fact I am so glad I did every single one of those things!! My teeth are great. You won't ever regret going it's for your benefit!!!
  13. I'M SO PROUD OF YOU! you'll be fine, valium always does the trick LOL!
  14. Thanks for the great news!! We're with you!! Tons of hugs!!
  15. I also have a fear of dentists. My brother does too. I have a memory of being a child and being smacked in the face by my dentist because I did not behave. I must have been about brother has to take valium before he goes to the who knows what we dealt with as a child??????

    I did find a wonderful older man dentist here about 5 years ago. I went for my cleaning and had 2-3 tiny chips in my fillings redone and then told him I wanted some silver side tooth fillings changed to white and a temp filling needed to be made permanent. He knew about my fear and one day as I sat in the chair he said "for someone who is afraid of the dentist--here you are sitting for over 1 hour and telling me to change your fillings". I really loved him for being just so sweet and kind. Sadly he retired which I found out when I went to get my next cleaning and this lady dentist wanted to do all this cosmetic work that needed to be done (in her mind). I told her about me fear of dentists and as I sat in the chair she told me: "Do you know what God said the biggest sin in life is???? FEAR..... So here I am sitting thinking ok so now I am a sinner and she is going to start some religious thing with me. I never went back to her and need to find a new dentist. I do think you can overdo the cleaning your teeth. I used to brush too aggressive, but no dentist ever told me that till my sweet older one saw me. I do have major anxiety about going to a dentist but really need to just get my act together and find one.