The Dentelle is REALLY growing on me!

  1. My love of the dentelle pieces seems to grow and grow each day until today I feel almost hysterical!! :nuts::heart:
    How well do you think a wallet would hold up? I've never seen a piece IRL so i wonder for fragile it will be. Gosh, I see SO many pieces on eBay that I wonder how all those people managed to get their hands on it so quickly! Anyone know if those wallets are easy to come by in Paris, Germany, or Amsterdam? Thanks much!
  2. My name is on the waiting list but my SA advised that they do not have any at the Brisbane store.
  3. I don't understand why the stores here in Singapore aren't selling them yet either :sad:. Earliest I can get my gold ludlow seems to be 1st week of April...
  4. I have seen them here and they are VERY nice .. I love the ludlow:heart: I think the dentelle is a range that grows on you ... quite similar to when the cerises was launched;)
  5. I love it :smile:
  6. ^ Does it seem fragile, or do you know if the ludow is too small to be practical to buy? Thanks! I thinkt he ludow is much cuter than the pochette wallet but I think it may not be as practical?
  7. I don't think it that fragile but I imagine you would have to be a little more careful with it ...have a look in the dentelle clubhouse for more photos;)
  8. Dentelle line is beautiful and elegant...but very delicate!
  9. I was in HK two days ago and they had tons of Dentelle (wallets, bags, etc). The Landmark store had Kirsten silver for walk ins too (Gold sold out).

    I saw them IRL and do not find them fragile at all. I think the threading will hold well and you should not be afraid of it falling out. The only thing that bugged me was the dark vachetta, seemed like it was an old bag. I know that maybe it matched the lace pattern better but somehow I did not like the vachetta. But the Kirsten IMO was really GOOD. :smile:
  10. I passed on the ludlow, as I hold no more than my agenda. O.o
  11. I wasn't keen on the dentelle at first, but seeing it IRL, i kept on thinking about it and bought the Ludlow.. and i can't stop looking at it!
  12. I really liked the longer wallet if I hadn't purchased a groom walet last year I would have gotten it-they are cute
  13. I haven't seen a Dentelle anything IRl yet, but I live in the middle of nowhere so have to make a long drive- and I'm trying to go a year without buying LV so it's best I stay away from the boutique.
  14. i love gold dentelle!!! especially the wallets...they are really pretty :smile:
  15. I have 2 dentelle pieces and don't find them fragile at all the thread is thick and tight to the canvas there are no loose ends to snag I have been using my purse in my mono speedy 25 that is a big purse in a small bag and it has occassionally rubbed the zip as I have taken it out and to date no problems at all it looks exactley like new and I have used it every day for 3-4 weeks no problems with snags or dirt