The Dentelle Club

  1. Yay! I made a club! Here's my first but not last Dentelle piece, the Ludlow:

  2. so pretty, is the stitching? does it seem delicate, like it would snag easily???
  3. It's not something I would use everyday that's for sure. It seems like it could/would get snagged easily. But it's so cute!
  4. Am waiting for mine........the SA said the middle of next month
  5. ooo i love the wallet
  6. :heart:
  7. :heart: your Dentelle Ludlow, Michelle! Very adorable.
  8. congrats! looks very pretty!
  9. Congrats Michelle, very pretty. The gold looks very pretty on the lace. Waiting for my Speedy but SA said only came in Silver. Hopefully by the time I get mine, the gold has arrived!! What do you think of the Silver, any feedback?
  10. I love the dentelle.
  11. Count me in Kirtsen coming on the 15th fingers crossed
  12. ohhh!! Michelle and Label Addict, your wallets are AMAZING!! congrats!

  13. The silver is lovely! I actually saw the silver Speedy IRL and it's very pretty, IMO. But I am still holding out for the gold!
  14. Congrats .. very nice .. I hope to add my Kirsten to this club soon:yes:
  15. label addict, love your soon to be Kirsten!