The Denim Line...

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  1. I've said in another thread, I've never gotten into denim.

    I just saw this pic in the visual aids thread, and... wow - denim looks amazing! I don't think I've ever seen a denim LV IRL...


    I think my problem was that I had the (really dorky) idea that the denim in the bag had to match the denim you were wearing (horrible, I know).

    Ugh... now I'm interested in another LV line. :cursing:
  2. I have a denim mini pleaty and I love it. It gets the most compliments!:yahoo:
  3. i think denim goes with everything u wear actually....i like it when people dress up in cute (non-denim) skirts and wear a mini pleaty or baggy's adorable....not too much denim in a look!!! :smile: u know what i mean haha
  4. I'd love to have the mini pleaty someday..or the Baggy GM. I think they're cute.
  5. LV Denim bags look AMAZING IRL... I want to get a Flat Shopper some day!

    Leather on denim drives me crazy!!! :nuts: :drool:
  6. REBECCA - WHAT are you wearing in that avvy pic!? Is that a Hello Kitty sweater!? I love it!

    ...I was hoping the denim line would be a little bit cheaper, but no luck. I'm really liking the Baggy atm.
  7. My bag :
    i never wear it with the red strap
    My daughter bag ( i offered this bag for her 18 years) :
    That's the gift for christmas from LV boutique :

  8. ^^^^ Are those chocolates? If so, they look yummy!
  9. I've always loved denim bags, and the LV ones look super, glad you're falling in love with them too!!
  10. Yes it's chocolate ;)
  11. the denim line is HOT!!
  12. The denim line is awesome, my personal favorites are the neo speedy, baggy gm and flat shopper!
  13. The denim is gorgeous!

    Baggy pm on my list to get next.
  14. i have both the mini pleaty and the pleaty in the blue denim and i love both of them. the mini pleaty is the bag i use on campus and i use the pleaty back at home. i love how casual the look is and it always look good with anything IMO.
  15. I have the pink baggy gm bag. It is very nice. Casual and fun!!