The Denim hobo

  1. ok this is the only bag i wanted from the last cataloge, im sitting here waiting for it to come out and never saw it online or in store. Suddenly they are on ebay, some going for $1700!!!

    Do a ebay search for coach denim hobo
  2. That is crazy! $1700!? When retail was only $398!?
  3. I like the smaller of the two...but i am not paying anything higher than retail for it. The interior is so cute too.
  4. That is ridiculous!! You might be able to get one off of ebay for $600.00. But, just be careful I don't know if they have faked these yet. How much was retail for that purse?
  5. the small one was $200 something
  6. Wow, that's a lot of money.
  7. Call Coach and see if there are any available at different stores. They can usually track something down for you! I love their CS. 1-888-262-6224
  8. I would call, but I don't have the $ right now.
  9. this one sold for $1,499.99 BIN!
  10. I could have bought an LV Hudson with that money! Or another Chanel. I can't fathom paying that much for a edition or not. Only if my future husband T.I. manhandled it in the presence of ludacris and nelly (my former husband) fighting for my affection with their sweaty bodies all over the bag (that probably wouldn't be good for the bag, but I don't care) and then signed it because of the fact that their sweaty bodies were all over it.:biggrin:

    A girl can dream can't she?:love:

  11. :roflmfao: I love that idea!
  12. wow, thats crazy
  13. I checked the price in the catalog and it sells for $598.
  14. I was in Coach today and asked about this bag. They said they were almost sold out before they hit stores. I guess lots of people saw it in the catalog and ordered it early, by the time they filled these orders there were only a few left.
  15. What bag was this?