**The Delish Chocolate Sm Bleecker Hobo**

  1. She's arrived. :yahoo:

    She's gorgeous. :love:

    Pics coming this evening! :wlae:

  2. You tease - congrats!
  3. Oh sure, make us wait.
  4. Congrats, Voodoo...cant wait to see your pics......MODELLING PICS too...HINT HINT!!!!!!
  5. Oooh yes please post modeling pics - I am dying to see this bag in person. :graucho:
  6. These evening!? **whine** There are so many teases on this forum!
  7. Can't wait for pics, congrats!
  8. Teaser!!! :nuts:
    Can't wait to see pics :wlae:
  9. Can't wait for pics! Chocolate bleeker is so nice!!
  10. I can't wait to see pics!!!
  11. Not much longer and I'll be on my way home ;)
  12. I'll be stalking this thread for the next few hours!!
  13. Okay pics coming!
  14. Ahhhh ..... the joy of the brown box!!!!
  15. Oh...another tease! Show us what's in the box!