The Definitive Answer RE: French Blue First?

  1. I know there has been some debate about this, and we know that at least one production run was cancelled because of problems (which may or may not have had something to do with the peeling of the leather).

    But there was some confusion about whether or not BalNY ever had any FB Firsts at all. Someone has said that the stock list that said they had Firsts in FB was mistaken.

    So - does anyone know? Are there any lucky owners of French Blue Firsts? Are they just a myth? Please weigh in here. :yes:
  2. :confused1:
    Unfortunatley, I don't own one to prove once and for all there was any made, but I was told by a Bal, NY mngr that they had a very few delivered to the store with the initial shipment of FB bags. Besides there only being a small quantity, that was the only ones shipped to Bal. In checking with many department stores, and Aloha Rag, to my knowledge there were no FB First's delivered to any other Bal carrier's. If we could just get one little peak at one, that would be great!!!
  3. maybe the all-knowing Louisey Peasey can give us some info? :p
  4. i've heard rumours that there never was one made...
    is it true?
    and was there ever a french blue day?
    i've never seen one...
  5. Hi Kimair, both were made:smile:
  6. Last weekend Neiman Marcus in Las Vegas had a truely perfect FB day w/ rh!
  7. I've only seen the FB Day IRL, and the leather on it was not so good - kind of like the dye did not take all the way in some parts.
  8. I saw a GORGEOUS FB day, so they exist :yes:
  9. I can say 100% that they were made as I sold one!

  10. Yes, I received Bal NY's stocklist and FRENCH BLUE is in fact listed in their FIRST inventory.
  11. so who has this elusive little bag?!?! :confused1: