The Defenders on CBS

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  1. I was a bit skeptical of this show when I read about new shows for this season, but I've watched the first two episodes and have been pleasantly surprised. I like the characters that Jim Belushi and Jerry O'Connell play and like the chemistry between the two.

    Anyone else watching this?
  2. I am of course LOL I think it is cute! The only thing I do not like is that it makes it look like police can't solve crimes only lawyers can.
  3. So true!!
  4. We LOVE this show!! It is totally entertaining! Some of the new shows like the Event are more work than light hearted entertainment...that being said, we are big fans of Jim Belushi.
  5. Love it and I agree their chemistry is spot on.
  6. Anyone still watching? I love this show. To me it's like another "Castle". The characters are likable and the shows are fun to watch.
  7. I am still watching!
  8. I just read in "Entertainment Weekly" that this show has a chance of being cancelled! I think Jim Belushi is great --I will be bummed if the show doesn't get renewed!
  9. I liked it in the beginning. Now it is just over the top and unbelievable. I still watch it but it's hard to really get into it since it is so far fetched. I do like the characters but the plot lines are silly.

    Bluebloods on the other hand is a show I am TOTALLY into now. The acting is superb, the stories are pretty good and Donnie Wahlberg's character is so well written. Check it out.
  10. ^I love Bluebloods too. I keep trying to get my husband to watch it. I have never cared one way or the other about Donnie Wahlberg, but I am a huge fan now!

    I know what you mean about the plots of the Denfenders, but I really like Jim Belushi's character.