The deceptively spacious Bonnie...

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  1. Woah! When I bought my Bonnie, I only expected to be able to use it as a 'bare essentials' bag, like a wallet, mobile and keys.

    However today it shocked me. I already had my IF wallet inside, along with my sunglasses case, and these two alone cant fit in my scarlett as it wont close.
    Anyway I had to go and pick up my daughter from nursery, and had put my camera inside too, as they were having a face painting day. Then as I left it started raining, so I rolled up her rain mac and popped that inside too.

    I didnt think about how much I had inside the Bonnie, until I came home and went to get the camera out to upload the photos.

    I took a photo of all the stuff inside my bonnie today! Its surprising eh? I also took a pic of the bonnie with all the stuff inside. Its closed too, and you can just see the mac peeping out (trust me girls its all in there!)
    Now if I ddnt have the mac inside I could have easily fitted a smaller sized makeup bag and a pack of wet wipes!

    I no longer think of my bonnie as a 'nipping out' bag!


  2. Halzer! That is so awesome!!!
  3. That's great--now should we all begin looking for bonnies???
  4. Wow, even though I owned a Bonnie I had no idea you could fit so much inside.
  5. Maybe it's because the leather is thinner that it holds more than it looks like it would...

    Lexie, she's "nipping out" again, LOL
  6. I know...she nips out all the time. I know she does it just so I will see it and shake my head. She knows I don't approve but I can't control people from running around biting Indians if that's what they choose! LOL If she thinks doing it with a Bonnie, makes it any better...well it doesn't.
  7. Wow! The Bonnie looks a bit smaller than my Jessie (I love her), and my Jessie is now chock full of bare essentials: wallet, sunnies, cell phone, makeup and gum and keys....but I haven't stuffed the outside pockets yet. I'm still test-driving her..........posting pictures soon....

    What a great Bonnie!!
  8. I've been looking hard at that "little" Bonnie lately...but can anyone tell me if you can wear this on your shoulder? That's a must for me.

    Your Bonnie is adorable, Halzer...nip on!
  9. Rosenpetals..

    I always wear my Bonnie on my shoulder. Its best with less clothing/summer clothes on as its a snug fit, but not tight. However recently it was cold and wet and I wore it on the shoulder with a padded cordroy jacket. But its better worn with light clothing.
    Heres a pic of it on my shoulder...

  10. Oh, no-I'm sold, lol. You girls get me into trouble, I need to stay away from the kooba board completely before I go bankrupt!
  11. LOL Rosenpetals..

    Now I guess we are even, because when I saw a pic of you wearing a black lena on your shoulder, I went and bought one in Bark!
    I never realised how great it looks on the shoulder until I saw your pic. :yes:
  12. I nipped about quite a lot this spring with my red Bonnie.

    She's quite a sexy lil thing and nipping with her is way :supacool:.
  13. LOL, girl, we've just gotta stop posting pics of our bags, before we all go broke! :graucho:
  14. LOL
  15. Rose, I loved the Bonnie but finally sold her mainly because she was not comfortable on my shoulder.