The dealer dented my car!!!

  1. I'm like super mad right now, because I looked at my car today and I saw two big dents on my car...and not the ones that i got from new years (long story). I picked up my car from the dealership on sat morning and i didnt bother to check my car for scratches dents. It was cloudy and rainy all weekend so i didnt even take my car out. This morning i got to work and when i got out i saw two dents on the driver side...only reason i saw it was because the sun was shining on that side. So now i have a total of 4 dents on my car...two on the passenger and two on the driver's side. And to add to that the wood panel on the passenger door has a big white scratch mark on it. I am kicking myself right now for not checking the car at the dealership on sat, i got distracted by this cute puppy and i was in a hurry to leave.

    I called and left a message for my service advisor and i know they're really busy in the mornings...i just hope he's able to do something about the dents and that big white scratch! I knew i should have checked my car because they always leave scratch marks on my car!! I am soooo mad right now. :cursing:
  2. This actually happened to me, too.

    As a courtesy after I purchased my SUV, my salesman had one of their guys run my car to the gas station and fill it up with a tank of gas. It came back with a dent on it. Of course, they offered to hammer it out.
  3. I am always worried this is going to happen to me, i'm really obsessive about keep my paint in perfect condition.
  4. Me too! I'm very paranoid of getting dents or scratches... I always try to park further away in parking lots, and in corners, lol... so I can park tighter against the curb/wall, that way the person who ends up next to me has more room to swing their door open and hopefully not hit my car.
  5. :wtf: i hope they're able to do something about it!!! keep us updated~
  6. Well my advisor called me back and said he needs to look at the walk around when they took my car and that he'll give me a call back after he looks at it.

    Yes i park far too in parking lots...and i always try to get the first spot and that i can park as far away from the car next to me as possible. But once i parked between two cars, i went into the gym came out and saw that those big cargo vans parked next to me...he was really close too. I looked at my car and and i saw that his driver door has dinged my car, i would have been suprised if there wasnt a ding. He was so close that even the skinniest person wouldnt have been able to get out without running the door into my car, and on his other side there was so much room. I wanted to kick his car but the car was so messed up it wouldnt have made a difference. So i left him a nice note...
  7. I hope your advisor is able to take care of this for you! Please keep updating us.

    AHH, your experience with the big cargo van is identical to what happened to me a while back. I went to drop off my dog to get groomed, and parked far away, left as much room as possible, etc... and while I go inside to drop off my dog a huge van comes and gets EXTREMELY tight on my car that there is no possible way to even try to open the door... and of course when I back out and check my car I had a dent and some paint chipped off.

    I feel your pain! It's amazing the things that happen to us when we go out of our way to take such good care of our cars, lol.
  8. My service adviser takes a walk around the car prior to every service to make sure there are no dents when I drop it off. That way, if I get it back with a dent, they'll know it was them who did it.

    Also, your car has wood on it??

  9. Duh.....I'm so sorry! They will fix it I'm ASSUMING!!!??? That's going to be HARD to prove though.....:s
  10. My car advisor said he needed to look at the walk around assuming those are what ure talking about charles. He still hasnt called me..i swear he forgot about me as always.

    Haha..yes my car has a wood trim, i didnt ask for it but i sure as hell paid for it even tho i didnt want to.
  11. ^^^
    Just curious (am not dissing wood trim): what kind of new car these days comes with wood trim? I can't think of a single one. Are you talking about wood paneling on the ouside of the car?
  12. Sorry this happened honey. Hope you get it taken care of soon!
  13. Its wood panels on the inside of the car...i'm not good with car lingo. I've always called it the wood trim. The wood panel is like one strip on the car door..haha its very tiny but its there.

    Thanks speedy! Trying to sort this out ...jus waiting on my advisor.
  14. ^^^
    Ohhh, I see!
  15. I hope they're able to fix it for you!

    PS. I like your new avatar!