The Day

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  1. What do you guys like or not like about the day?

    Is it hard to find your items in the bag? Is it too deep?

    I went to NM this past weekend and saw two girls with a day and I loved them both! They were amazing colors and the leather was so soft....I could go on.

  2. I love the fact that it looks good nearly empty or completely full - which makes it very versatile if you tend to collect stuff throughout the day. I also love how it fits over coats and stays on the shoulder. It can be hard to find things sometimes but its never bothered me that much. It helps if you use organizers like coin purses or akeup cases to carry smaller things.
  3. love the day! it is so comfortable on the shoulder and roomy for all my things. because it is deep, it is almost impossible for me to just reach in there to fetch my item. would have to take the bag off the shoulder to do that. that might be the only negative thing about the day for me.

  4. Totally agree. However, to make up for its slight inconvenience, the DAY imo does look much more stylish than the hobo. The Day looks very young and hip, the hobo is a bit matronly. If you already have other motor styles, do get the Day, you'll get a ton of use out of it.
  5. i love the's unstructured, slouchy, chic, and you can fit tons of stuff in it!
  6. I'm awaiting my first Day bag arrival!!

  7. I like the day because of the extra shoulder room!
  8. Congrats Bern, you will love it. I just recently purchased the day bbag and I love it. I like how it is so soft and only have to worry about one strap.
  9. LOVE the Day. I was on the fence about it for a long time before I got one and had the same questions as you. I now find it to be the most comfortable and practical Balenciaga style, and it looks great empty and slouchy or filled to the brim ;)

    And the pockets are so nice and roomy, it's easy to organize the little thing floating around my bag, so nothing gets lost.
  10. i agree, it's one of my favorites and i think the most practical b bag style!
  11. i've been contemplating a day for the longest time!! one question still bothers me though, since i can't see a day in person before i purchase it, does it look too wide sideways when you carry it? as in, when it's half full, and if people look at me from the front, will the base look too wide?? i'm not sure if anyone get what i'm trying to ask? sorry i'm trying my best to describe! ):
  12. I have two Days and I love them both dearly, for all the reasons already expressed by previous posters. Yes, there's a tendency for items to get a bit lost in there because it's a vertical bag, but it's certainly not so much so that they're unwieldy. (I believe a few of our BalGals have actually called the Day abyssmal. :smile:) I tend to leave my bag half-way unzipped so that I can grab things from the interior without having to unhook the bag from my shoulders.
  13. I just posted a picture of my Black Day on the charm thread. Unfortunately I took the picture with it empty.

    I do agree that things sometimes get lost in the Day. However, I use in most of my bags. You can see my picture on the what's inside your bag thread. I have 3 of the inserts- a small hot pink, a medium blue and a special order large extra sturdy hot pink.

    I love them and they make switching handbags a breeze!
  14. I have one Day now, and am contemplating another. The leather is so soft, that yes, when my big fat heavy wallet lays flat on the bottom, it widens the base. Even so it is not noticeable, but I can feel it when my arm brushes it, and it drive me nuts. I find myself grabbing the the outside of the bag and flipping my wallet so it is rests on edge inside the bag. But no it looks fine, just hard on fussbudget types. :push:
  15. JudieH, what size would you recommend for a city and which one for the day/hobo styles? TIA!