The Day style with Giant Hardware?

  1. I just love the Day style and I'm thinking about buying one. But what kind of hardware is the best? I find myself drawn to the Giant Hardware, but I'm a bit worried about the bag not breaking in, - and I'm just such a dog for soft and slouchy bags:drool:!
    So if anyone have pics of the Day style with Giant Hardware - please post pics and convince me othervise:yes:
  2. The Day is a great style and looks great with either RH or GH, IMO! I don't think that you would need to worry about the bag not breaking in because of the GH. My black day has RH, but below I posted one of my favorite Bal pics ever - brunettetiger's Anthra GH Day:

    Anthracite Day.jpg
  3. well, I prefer RH hardware and don't have any GH bags. BUT, regardless of hardware, the bag is sure to break in!! So no worries! The day style is especially unstructured and tends to have the most slouch to begin with. So if you're drawn to GH, then go for it! No worries about the soft slouchiness- it'll get that way no matter what! It's the nature of a bal bag. :graucho:
  4. oh, couture, that's a great pic to post!! Brunette's day is sooo slouchy and broken in!
  5. I know, I :love::love::love: that picture!! It's one of the pics that started my Anthra obsession and quest for the one with the perfect blue undertones!!
  6. sorry to be the buzzkill...thats someone else's anthra!!! Here's mine-also a kitchen cabinet shot! GH looks awesome and the bag isn't too heavy at all...but beware of the GH zippers because of all the fumbling around I do to get stuff in and out of the bag it has really done a number on my cuticles...
  7. well, brunette, this picture shows even more of the slouchy broken-in goodness that I associate w/your anthra day! Interesting note about the zippers messing up your cuticles- do you only find this with GH bags? I haven't had this problem with my RH days.
  8. only the GH zippers tears me up...oh :weird::wacko::biguns:the price we pay to carry these bags
  9. My violet GSH day is the only Bal I have (so far, hehe) and I get so many compliments on it - I've been wearing it nonstop since I got it, and it's breaking in nicely. I prefer the GH because it's more unique and I'm not sure how well I'd do with tassels (seems easier/more utilitarian without them).
  10. I'm so sorry BT!! For some reason I always that was yours!! Big apologies to whomever that gorgeous Anthra bag really belongs too! I think I must have thought it was yours because I always remember your Anthra as being especially gorgeous and one of my favorites, and the one in that picture is also gorgeous!! I guess when I save these I should save them w/ the person's user name!

    You know, it's funny that you mention the damage to your cuticles - I thought I was the only one who managed to tear my hands up on my bags!! I've never had a problem with any of my Bals (yet :p!) but I am constantly getting cuts on my hands from the zipper on my LV Cabas Mezzo!
  11. I also worry about the tassels - I'm so clumsy and I'm afraid I might rip them to pieces in no time:shame:
  12. I think a day in ANY color or ANY hw is a great choice.
  13. OMG - I just love all its wrinkles:drool:
  14. I am overly anxious about the bag weighing too much (too many years of carrying Marc Jacobs bags has scarred me) and so I have avoided GH. That and it still reminds me of thimbles. But GH does look great--particularly on the Day.

    As for tassles, no trouble yet but I am on the hunt for bronze colored zipper pulls to replace my tassles. I may also cut them (Bal sacrilege!).

  15. Pics please!