The day in SGH or RH

  1. I'm def. getting a tomato day but am torn between the RH and the SGH. I have a sapin city with RH and am getting a black flap clutch with GH (prob silver) - so I'll have one of each type of hardware and this will be the tie breaker.

    I'm waiting on buying GGH until I fall in love with a blue, so I have ruled out GGH for the tomato.

    Has anyone seen the SGH in person on the day? I loved the GGH on the day last spring and usually wear silver jewelry, but am really torn on which way to go for the tomato day. I've seen the pictures posted, but am curious for opinions on those who have seen SGH on a day in person. I know a lot of people don't like the GH, but I like all of the hardware so that's not really a factor for me. So really it comes down to which looks better IRL and that's where you all come in...
  2. I think of all colors this upcoming season, the tomato really rocks with the SGH especially on the Day bag. Maybe you could order both and send back the one that doesn't suit you. I think you'll know when you see yourself in person. Good luck!
  3. I saw the Giant Hardware today in person for the first time. IMHO the Silver Giant Hardware is not nearly as attractive as the Gold Giant Hardware. The silver for some reason looks really tacky to me. I'd personally go with regular hardware. But either would look fine with the Tomato.